This plugin adds a back link to the contact view pages.

Starting with v4, this plugin adds back links in the core Contact component contact views AND the Trombinoscope Contacts Pro component contact views. Before v4, use only when linking contacts to the Joomla core contact pages.

The link label is optional and will default to ‘Back’.
The label can be overridden from within the plugin settings. Do not enter any value for international websites. You will need to make sure PLG_SYSTEM_BACKTOTEINDEX_BACK is translated for all the languages used on the site (for the languages that are not already available in the component).

The back link will inherit the styling of the template and is inserted in a layer at the top of the contact page.

The back link is added when a contact’s page has been called from a menu item instance of the Trombinoscope view, NOT from a module instance. It is also disabled when the contact’s information is shown in a popup.