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Create contacts from the Joomla site's frontend

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First published May 01, 2015
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There is no contact menu item (or contact view) in Joomla! that allows us to add contacts right from the front end of a site. But there is a way for registered users to create their own contact entry into the system with the help of Trombinoscope Extended and Joomla itself.

Step 1 Go to Extensions -> Plugin Manager of the Joomla administrator console.

Joomla User Plugins

Step 2 Select and enable the Joomla user plugin Contact Creator.

Step 3 Choose the category the contacts will belong to and auto-publish the contact.

Contact Creator User Plugin

Step 4 Save.

Step 5 Select and enable The Trombinoscope Extended user plugin Edit Contact In Profile.

Edit Contact In Profile User Plugin

Step 6 choose the fields that should be modifiable by the registered user.

Edit Contact In Profile Options

Step 7 Save.

From now on, the registered user has access to his/her information and can easily modify it in his/her profile page (available when a user logs in or from a menu item).

Note Contacts are also created automatically (and linked to users) when users are manually added to the Joomla administrator console if the Content Creator is enabled.