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Setup inline items in Latest News Enhanced Pro v4.2

First published January 14, 2018
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In certain situations, whenever your requirements ask for each item to open under the list of items created by Latest News Enhanced Pro, it is possible to use the new option link to : inline item.

Although this option should really be used with a limited number of items (all data is loaded at once in this early version), it can satisfy some additional use cases.

Use case example

  • Feature 1

    Phosfluorescently underwhelm mission-critical...
  • Feature 2

    Interactively integrate emerging solutions...
  • Feature 3

    Uniquely provide access to B2C partnerships...

Step 1 Go to the layout tab -> linking section. Set the parameter Link to to inline item.

The link to parameter

Step 2 There is no step 2. You are kidding, right, that's it? Yep. That's it.

Step 3 Well, if you want, you can add a couple details to the text. Go to the Information tab -> Information block (inline items) section. Set the information details you desire to show (like author, date...).

The information bloc for inline items