• Making the cut with jQuery and MooTools in Joomla: Introduction

    The library MooTools has been chosen by the Joomla! development team as its javascript framework by default. That decision was made years ago, when just a few libraries were available and the web 2.0 hype started to heat up. MooTools is now part of the project and is essential to run Joomla!.

    As years have passed, jQuery has become one strong contender in the framework world and more and more developers choose it in the creation of extensions for Joomla!.

  • You may not need jQuery's Migrate plugin after all

    Migrate has been created to make jQuery code backup compatible with versions of jQuery prior to v1.9. It is packaged with the Joomla! framework (which will hopefully soon contain the latest version of the plugin) to ensure older scripts still work with jQuery without breaking your site.

    In the ongoing race to speed up websites, reducing the number of script libraries that load on a page is a way to achieve just that. Should you try and prevent Migrate from loading all-together? Do you really need it? Do the jQuery scripts loaded on your site really use deprecated features?

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Troubleshoot: I don't see changes in the output no matter what I do

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First published October 13, 2015

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Any Simplify Your Web extension that has an output display

After installing an extension, no matter what you are trying to do, no matter the parameters you set, the output does not come out right. You can see pictures but no text for instance.

What is happening? You may experience a file access permission error on the stylesheets used by the extension.

Find out how to diagnose and ways you can fix these issues at Troubleshoot Missing Styles And Scripts (Access Permissions Errors).