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Latest News Enhanced Extended is now Latest News Enhanced Pro

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Data source The data that will be used to create the news list
  • Articles from the Joomla articles
  • K2 items from the K2 items (the K2 extension must be installed)
  • Additional data source Pro from other sources made available by all installed LatestNewsEnhanced plugins
   Pro Download more data sources
Additional options Pro Options available by all installed LatestNewsEnhanced plugins. 
Use as related Shows related items to the current item on the page.
  • By keyword items are compared to each other through meta keywords
  • By tag items are compared to each other through tags
  • Articles: By tag (any content) Joomla articles are compared to content on the page through tags
With this setting, the module won't ever show, unless it is located on a page where an item is loaded into the main content and that item has common meta keywords or tags with other ones.
Note Blogs and category lists usually have no underlined loaded tags, therefore the module won't show
Warning Make sure advanced module cache options are set to 'no cache'
Category filter
  • Include includes the selected categories
  • Exclude excludes the selected categories, therefore including all the other ones
Categories / K2 categories Select the Joomla! standard categories or K2 categories the articles are from (multiple select).
Auto will select all items related to the categories showing on the page or related to items of the same category.
Warning In 'auto' mode, K2 is limited to showing items on one category page or item page
Subcategories Automatically selects the next level(s) or all levels of a category.
  • No do not include children of the selected categories
  • Level include X levels of the selected categories
  • All levels include all subcategories of the selected categories
Maximum level depth
The depth level (starting at 1) when selecting 'level' in subcategories
Warning K2 is limited to level 1
Category order The order of the categories
  • Order by administration console order
Tags filter
  • Include includes the selected tags
  • Exclude excludes the selected tags (irrelevant in the context of related by tags)
Tags / K2 tags Select which tags the items must have. 'All tags' will select all items having tags
Include children
Include the children of the selected tags
Warning K2 only has a flat representation of tags, therefore this option does not apply to K2 tags
Tags match type How tags need to match
  • All The item is selected if it has all of the tags
  • Any The item is selected if at least one tag is found

Warning All does not work with excluded tags.
Warning This parameter also applies to related tags. For instance, if the item on the page has tags X and Y and the value is 'All', the related items will need to have the exact same tags X and Y in order to be selected.
Meta keywords Keywords common to all articles
Author The author's format representation
  • Name
  • Alias -> Name (when the alias is missing, the user name is used instead)
  • Username
Author filter
  • Include includes the selected authors
  • Exclude excludes the selected authors
Authors Select from which authors the articles are written from
  • Auto from the logged user
  • All authors from any author
  • [John Doe] from John Doe
Author order
  • None
  • Asc by alphabetical order, ascending
  • Desc by alphabetical order, descending
Date Which date should be applied
  • Created
  • Published
  • Modified
  • Finished
  • Finished with pending
  • Pending the published start date is in the future
When no date What needs to be done when the date is missing (only for finished publishing date)
Apply range Narrows down the list of items to the dates selected
  • None
  • Relative dates select the items for the last 2 weeks for instance
  • New Fixed dates select the items between fixed dates
From The relative from date
  • Now
  • X days
  • X weeks
  • X months
  • X years

Example To show articles from the last 2 weeks, select X weeks

From X The number representing ‘X’ in ‘From’

Example To show articles from the last 2 weeks, type 2

To The relative to date
  • Now
  • X days
  • X weeks
  • X months
  • X years

Example To show articles from the last 2 weeks, select Now

To X The number representing ‘X’ in ‘To’
Start date
The start date to use when selecting items between dates
 End date
The end date to use when selecting items between dates
Exclude current item Remove the visible item on the page from the module items
Exclude IDs Exclude articles from the list of selected ones

Example 20,34,47

Include IDs Include only these articles
Unauthorized items Pro Allow public visitors to have a glimpse at restricted content. Applies to categories and items.
The unauthorized links are encoded and require login to access the full content.
Warning K2 has some limitations:
  • categories must be explicitly added to the list of categories if they are inaccessible to the general public (one level and all level options won't select them)
  • uncategorized categories won't be selected in auto mode
Include Featured Featured items filtering.
  • Yes include featured items
  • No do not include featured items
  • Only get only the featured items
  • First include featured items, showing first
Order The order in which the articles are presented (per category if categories are ordered)
  • Order by administration console order
  • Added by created date
  • Modified by modified date
  • Published by published date
  • Touched if no modified date, use created date
  • Finished by published down date
  • Random
  • Popular by number of hits
  • Title by alphabetical order
Max count The max number of articles that will show. Leave blank to show all articles
  • To articles the max count will be the total max of articles that will show
  • Per category the max count will be the total max of articles that will show per category
  • Per author the max count will be the total max of articles that will show per author
Start At The news item number to start from (useful if 2 instances of the module are created with the same data)

Note Joomla does not handle pending articles in the frontend (linking a pending article results in a 404 error). Therefore, even though you can show those articles in the module, you cannot link to them. This has been reported as a bug to Joomla, but has been closed and no fix is on the way. Please report this to the Joomla forums. The more users ask about a fix, the more likely the issue will be taken into account and re-opened.

Note There is a well-known order bug in Joomla when articles are copies of each other and the creation or publishing dates are the same (to the second). Modifying the dates fixes it.