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Banner Article Details

Once enabled, the plugin will only affect outputs in the context of an article, a category or a featured articles layout.

Categories Select the Joomla! standard categories the articles need to be from (multiple select) to be affected by the plugin.
Note Choosing none will disable the plugin on all categories but it will still affect articles using the plugin’s syntax.
Subcategories Automatically selects the next level or all levels of a category

The plugin syntax { }

articledetails-header, inside { } will add a header in its place in an article.
Only the first instance will be replaced by the plugin’s configuration. Other instances will be ignored and replaced with nothing.

articledetails-footer, inside { } will add a footer at the end of the article.
Once again, only one instance will be taken into account. No matter where the syntax is placed in the article, it will be appended to the article’s full text. There is no footer in category or featured layouts.


  • if an article is selected through the category mechanism and contains some of the plugin’s syntax, the plugin will double its modifications.
  • Some other plugins may be called on the event onContentBeforeDisplay and can show before the header. See the Fixing common issues section.