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Latest News Enhanced

Latest News Enhanced

Latest News Enhanced is an enhanced version of the latest news module included in Joomla.


Please make sure you read the following explanations before accessing the download links you can find at the bottom of this page.


Joomla 3.1+

Version 4.2


EnglishFinnishFrenchGermanItalianPortuguese (Brazil)RussianSlovenianSpanishTurkish
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  • multiple ways to select news articles (standard Joomla! or K2): by categories, tags, authors, date
  • exclude/include specific items,
  • show related items (through keywords or tags matching),
  • configure items with images from the article or calendar,
  • link to articles from the title and/or 'read more' links (in full page or popup),
  • style items from a responsive-ready design,
  • use a minimum width to limit how small an item can be when resized,
  • crop and resize the pictures to fit the configuration (thumbnails can be stored in /images),
  • style images with hover effects,
  • limit the into text to be shown,
  • add detailed information (author, hits, ratings, categories, date, time, keywords),
  • format dates and times,
  • add pagination,
  • style buttons and pagination with Bootstrap,
  • enjoy a clean, easy to understand user interface,
  • cache the created on-the-fly stylesheets and scripts for faster loading...


Please check the online documentation.


Demonstration site

Check the demo site for some live examples.

Commercial version

Upgrade to the extended version 'Latest News Enhanced Pro' for more styles, calendars, support for social media and animations!

Check out Latest News Enhanced Pro now!

Discover Latest News Enhanced Pro

Comparison chart

Want to see what you may be missing from the commercial version? Check the comparison chart.

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The following version is not supported under Joomla! v3.5 and over.
For support under Joomla! v3.5 and over, please download the latest version of Latest News Enhanced v2.
Check the documentation for information on how to migrate your outdated version. That migration has to be tested before going 'live'.
FREE 2.5 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4

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