At Simplify Your Web, we develop and deliver professional content managed solutions with Joomla!®, from simple extension to full-blown website.

Do you need to update your outdated website? Are you a designer and need your project to be implemented? Do you need to update your Joomla! site to a newer version? Or do you simply have an idea for a website and request help?

Whatever your requirements, we create your site in Joomla! and give you the tools and support so YOU are the one in charge of its content.

You need somebody to manage your site content, host and domain registrations? We do that too.

Consult us for pricing.

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Latest News

  •   19 Oct  

    jQuery Easy

    v2.0.0 - Update release - Better interface, more help Download here...
  •   18 Oct  

    jQuery Easy Profiles

    v2.0.0 - Update release. Better organization, new Bootstrap fixes More info here...
  •   17 Oct  

    Weblink Logos

    v2.2.0 - Update release. More selection and layout options Download here...
  •   17 Oct  

    Weblink Logos Pro

    v2.2.0 - Update release. More selection and layouts options More info here...
  •   10 Oct  

    Truly Responsive Slides

    v1.7.0 - Update release.   Download here...
  •   10 Oct  

    Truly Responsive Slides Pro

    v1.7.0 - Update release. Use custom fields or K2 extra fields as background image More info here...
  •   09 Oct  

    Image from Article

    v1.3.0 - Update release. More choices, online documentation. Download here...
  •   05 Oct  

    Latest News Enhanced

    v4.0.0 - Update release. Download here...
  •   03 Oct  

    Newsfeeds for Latest News Enhanced Pro

    v1.1.0 - Update release for use with Latest News Enhanced Pro v4+ Download here...
  •   03 Oct  

    Latest News Enhanced Pro

    v4.0.0 - Update release. Show articles and K2 items in blog layouts. More info here...