Update old jQuery scripts for compatibility with jQuery 3

First published June 23, 2016
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jQuery v3 is the lightest, fastest version of jQuery to date, removing support to IE6-8 (like the previous 2.x branch).

The upcoming Joomla v4 will come packaged with jQuery without Migrate. If you are planning on using jQuery a little bit longer, now is the time to check your scripts.

Old scripts built for earlier versions of jQuery may 'break' with jQuery v3, but thankfully, the jQuery team has provided an updated version of the Migrate plugin to help identify compatibility issues.


Troubleshoot: Fatal or Class SYW... not found error

First published April 27, 2017
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The issue

It's been reported a few times that suddenly, after an update, fatal errors or Class not found errors can occur when accessing an extension or a page hosting a Simplify Your Web extension.

Although a major issue (since it may crash the site on some pages), it is easily fixable.


Setting up jQuery Easy Profiles: use cases

First published March 03, 2018
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jQuery Easy Profiles is jQuery Easy's pro version. This article will show you how you can configure jQuery Easy Profiles v2.2 (and over) to fit your needs.


Fix tooltip conflicts between Bootstrap and jQuery UI in Joomla

First published January 17, 2017
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jQuery Easy Profiles jQuery Easy Profiles

While creating your Joomla! 3 site, you may run into anomalies when it comes to showing tooltips, particularly if you are loading Bootstrap and jQuery UI libraries simultaneously. Some elements may get a nice Bootstrap-like tooltip while others may get a tooltip looking like the jQuery UI theme that is used by some of your extensions. Some tooltips may not even be skinned at all. Or the tooltips may not properly show at all, the code is "broken".

This tutorial will explain what is actually happening and how you can fix and homogenize your pages with jQuery Easy Profiles.


Setting up jQuery Easy Profiles, jQuery Easy's pro version

First published December 10, 2017
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jQuery Easy Profiles is jQuery Easy's pro version. Although using similar parameters and resolving the same kind of issues (jQuery Easy Profiles is offering many more options though), these two extensions work a little differently.


Solve jQuery issues with jQuery Easy: a case study

First published September 04, 2012
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Since the plugin has been available online, many issues were presented to me and frankly, some websites can become a real mess when so many extensions use there own jQuery code. Forget about jQuery and MooTools conflicts! jQuery conflicts alone are mostly taking websites down to their knees. 
Here is a case study I wanted to share, as I was researching the best way to correct such a mess, with the help of the jQuery Easy plugin. In this study, we will handle jQuery/MooTools conflicts and allow 2 jQuery extensions to use their own variables.


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