Enable third-party custom fields in Latest News Enhanced Pro

First published January 21, 2019
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It is possible to show a lot of information alongside articles when creating blogs or module instances with Latest News Enhanced Pro for Joomla. An exhaustive list of the Joomla core custom fields is supported out-of-the-box but you may want to use data that was made available by third-party custom fields.

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can extend Latest News Enhanced Pro with the must-have custom fields created by Tassos (tassos.gr).


Expand/collapse menu items with children in Joomla's Protostar template

First published October 15, 2018
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I have recently tried to make the documentation menus on the Simplify Your Web website a little more 'user friendly'.

One element that was particularly missing was the possibility to see sub-menu items of parent menu items without the need to refresh the pages. At the same time, I wanted to make sure visitors of the site were aware there was more to see under certain items...

This tutorial will show you how I proceeded and how you can do it too.


Create a slideshow of pictures for the contact view

First published August 04, 2018
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With Trombinoscope Contacts Pro v2.11, it is now possible to show a different picture than the standard contact picture in the contact views created by the extension (for users of Joomla 3.7 and over). Not only that, it is also possible to show several pictures that will automatically display as a slideshow. This tutorial will teach you on how you can easily do just that.


Setting up jQuery Easy Profiles: use cases

First published March 03, 2018
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jQuery Easy Profiles is jQuery Easy's pro version. This article will show you how you can configure jQuery Easy Profiles v2.2 (and over) to fit your needs.


Troubleshoot linking to contacts in Trombinoscope Contacts

First published February 08, 2018
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Depending on your Joomla configuration, when linking contacts in Trombinoscope Contacts free or pro to a contact view, those links may result in a 404 error or even open an un-rendered page. Usually, this happens when the contacts have no menu item to 'fall' into.


Setup inline items in Latest News Enhanced Pro v4.2

First published January 14, 2018
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In certain situations, whenever your requirements ask for each item to open under the list of items created by Latest News Enhanced Pro, it is possible to use the new option link to : inline item.

Although this option should really be used with a limited number of items (all data is loaded at once in this early version), it can satisfy some additional use cases.


Add an icon or an image to the 'read more' link in Latest News Enhanced

First published January 12, 2018
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Your website's design may require a detail that is not available in the Latest News Enhanced (free and pro) Joomla! extensions. You want to show a link of type Read More but the label is not enough, you need a visual in the form of an icon or an image following or preceding the label.


This set of articles have been created in order to increase people's awareness about the Simplify Your Web products.
It is aiming to show how those products can be used and point out not-so-well-known functionality.