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When Joomla 4 came out, the CodeMirror editor has had a language string modification.
From the 3 arguments that were passed on to the language string, it now only requires 2.

So why is your Simplify Your Web extension breaking in the backend?
Because it uses the editor CodeMirror in quite a few places in its parameters.

What's the fix?
It's an easy one, actually.
Just make sure you update the language files, it is most likely that they are outdated and do not reflect the change made for CodeMirror.

To update a language (if you have not received a notification), go to System -> Install -> Languages and re-install the language(s) in use in the backend.

And voilà!


Add font icons to menu items on your site (Joomla 3)

First published September 06, 2016
7231 hits -
Menu Icons Menu Icons

Adding a pictogramme to a menu item is visually appealing and useful to visitors of a site.
Joomla!'s core allows the use of images for such task (link image parameter), but font icons have a definite advantage over them:

  • Icons resize and look sharp on any device,
  • their color can be changed easily through the use of CSS,
  • no more loading of images,
  • the icons may already be loaded on the page through the template's fonts.


Using custom fields to select items in Simplify Your Web extensions

First published December 11, 2021
2300 hits - No rating

Simplify Your Web extensions have a very extensive array of options when it comes to selecting articles, contacts or weblinks, so you can really target a specific set of items to present to the visitors of your sites. I have just added to the list of filters the possibility to use custom fields as selectors.


Moving Simplify Your Web extensions from Joomla 3.10 to 4

First published July 23, 2021
3146 hits - No rating

The migration from Joomla 3.10 to Joomla 4 for Simplify Your Web extensions is fairly simple, but there are still a few rules to follow for a smooth transition.


Create a hidden menu item for search results

First published August 24, 2011
7508 hits -

You want to see search results in a specific page, have modules associated to that page but do not want to have a specific menu item for it. Why? Because you already have a search box in your template and therefore do not need a menu item for it. And modules need to be associated to a specific page unless they are supposed to show on all of them.


Integrate any captcha plugin into any custom Joomla! form

First published January 24, 2015
12579 hits -

I came upon a problem on a component that offered captcha integration. I could load the standard reCaptcha plugin packaged with the Joomla! framework but none of the custom captcha plugins I wanted to feed it to.


Troubleshoot blank screen after installing/updating an extension

First published April 08, 2016
17549 hits -
Any Simplify Your Web extension that relies on the lib_syw external library

Once in a while users come across a blank screen on the public side of their website. Rarely they may have the same experience on some administrator console pages.

While this could be a bug introduced by the latest extension update, it actually is most likely an issue with the external library that is necessary for most of our extensions to work.


This set of articles have been created in order to increase people's awareness about the Simplify Your Web products.
It is aiming to show how those products can be used and point out not-so-well-known functionality.