• Troubleshoot (custom) field rendering on a live Joomla website

    Starting with Joomla 3.7, custom fields have given websites the ability to add fields to contact forms. While the rendering of those fields looks alright in the administration console, you may end up,...

Troubleshoot: Fatal error

First published April 27, 2017

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Any Simplify Your Web extension that has an output display

It's been reported a few times that suddenly, after an update, fatal errors occur when accessing an extension created by Simplify Your Web.

Although a major issue (since it may crash the site on some pages), it is easily fixable.


How to setup the Boxed layout style in Latest News Enhanced Pro

First published February 08, 2017

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In this tutorial, you will be able to create a module instance of Latest News Enhanced Pro showing items in a style layout that just uses CSS3 to animate its content.


Fix tooltip conflicts between Bootstrap and jQuery UI in Joomla

First published January 17, 2017

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jQuery Easy Profiles jQuery Easy Profiles

While creating your Joomla! 3 site, you may run into anomalies when it comes to showing tooltips, particularly if you are loading Bootstrap and jQuery UI libraries simultaneously. Some elements may get a nice Bootstrap-like tooltip while others may get a tooltip looking like the jQuery UI theme that is used by some of your extensions. Some tooltips may not even be skinned at all. Or the tooltips may not properly show at all, the code is "broken".

This tutorial will explain what is actually happening and how you can fix and homogenize your pages with jQuery Easy Profiles.


Add your own information types in Latest News Enhanced Pro

First published January 13, 2017

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Module Latest News Enhanced Pro Latest News Enhanced Pro v2.5+
Plugin MyDetails MyDetails

It is possible to show custom information to the module's output for each item.

In order to do that, one can take advantage of 2 of the hooks (events) available in the module.


Add font icons to menu items on your site

First published September 06, 2016

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Menu Icons Menu Icons

Adding a pictogramme to a menu item is visually appealing and useful to visitors of a site.
Joomla!'s core allows the use of images for such task (link image parameter), but font icons have a definite advantage over them:

  • Icons resize and look sharp on any device,
  • their color can be changed easily through the use of CSS,
  • no more loading of images,
  • the icons may already be loaded on the page through the template's fonts.


How to update old jQuery scripts for compatibility with jQuery 3

First published June 23, 2016

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jQuery v3.0 is considered the future of jQuery. It is a lighter, faster version and removes support to IE6-8 (like the previous 2.x branch).

Old scripts built for earlier versions of jQuery may 'break', but thankfully, the jQuery team has provided the Migrate plugin to help identify compatibility issues.


How to override the appearance of elements in an extension output

First published May 11, 2016

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No matter how flexible an extension is, there always comes a time where, now that the functionality is in place, the output is not quite an exact match to the original design.

There are many ways to overcome design issues in Joomla, all mostly involving overrides. When the layout is considerably different, a template override may be in order but for simple changes (like the color of a title for instance), additional CSS code may just be the way to go.


This set of articles have been created in order to increase people's awareness about the Simplify Your Web products.
It is aiming to show how those products can be used and point out not-so-well-known functionality.