Giving calendar dates an original look

First published April 17, 2016
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Article Details Article Details
Article Details Profiles Article Details Profiles
or Latest News Enhanced Latest News Enhanced
or Latest News Enhanced Pro Latest News Enhanced Pro

Calendars are a visual way to represent dates associated with an article.
The Latest News Enhanced modules (free and pro) and the free Article Details plugin offer such possible display.

Despite the default style appeal, it is possible, just with a little help from CSS, to change the look of it and make it your own.


Create and edit contacts from a Joomla site's frontend

First published May 01, 2015
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There is no contact menu item (or contact view) in Joomla! out-of-the-box allowing the creation and edition of  contacts in the front end of a site. But there is a way for registered users to create their own contact entry and edit it when you have Trombinoscope Contacts Pro.


Troubleshoot: reCaptcha does not work, I get a lot of spam

First published February 17, 2020
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Adding the Google reCaptcha on forms limits the amount of spam you may be getting, but not all spam can be filtered for several reasons:

  • not all attacks are machine-made, people are also paid to send you spam, one form at a time,
  • machine attacks are getting 'smart',
  • the Google reCaptcha settings are too weak.

Although there is nothing you can do about the spam you receive, you can still check your Google reCaptcha settings and ensure that they are optimized for your situation.

Go to the Google reCaptcha administrator console.

The Google ReCaptcha admin console
Accessing the Google ReCaptcha admin console

Access the settings.

The console settings
The console settings

Go down to the security preferences section

The security preferences
The security preferences

Set the security to most secure. This will present the challenges to more users, but it will definitely limit more illegitimate ones.


Add a custom social network share button to Latest News Enhanced Pro items

First published February 09, 2020
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Latest News Enhanced Pro can easily help you add share buttons to items. Starting with v4.11, although the list of available social networks has been extended, you may want to add your own network (or other sharing capability). This tutorial will show you how you can add the Tumblr button to the list.


Add a Tumblr share button to Joomla articles with Article Details Profiles

First published January 24, 2020
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The Article Details Profiles extension can easily help you add share buttons to Joomla articles. Starting with v5.2, although the list of available social networks has been extended, you may want to add your own network (or other sharing capability). This tutorial will show you how you can add the Tumblr button to the list.


Over the past few months, a large number of users have asked my help in finding out what was wrong with their website, even after installing the jQuery Easy plugin.

In this article, I will try and address ways of fixing these issues, with the help of the plugin.


Solve jQuery issues with jQuery Easy: a case study

First published September 04, 2012
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Since the plugin has been available online, many issues were presented to me and frankly, some websites can become a real mess when so many extensions use there own jQuery code. Forget about jQuery and MooTools conflicts! jQuery conflicts alone are mostly taking websites down to their knees. 
Here is a case study I wanted to share, as I was researching the best way to correct such a mess, with the help of the jQuery Easy plugin. In this study, we will handle jQuery/MooTools conflicts and allow jQuery extensions to use their own variables.


This set of articles have been created in order to increase people's awareness about the Simplify Your Web products.
It is aiming to show how those products can be used and point out not-so-well-known functionality.