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Bare Template 960 Responsive

Simple template (3 columns). Designed to be easily modifiable and a base for building fluid templates that follow a 960 grid system in a responsive environment.

All our sites are based on the Bare 960 Responsive template.





Please make sure you read the following explanations before accessing the download links you can find at the bottom of this page.


For explanations on parameter settings, please download the documentation.


  • 100% responsive, fluid grid layout (mobile first approach)
  • Joomla's embedded Bootstrap (J!3+)
  • cross-browser (compatibility IE8+)
  • tableless, minimal design, 100% CSS based
  • valid CSS3 with fallbacks
  • W3C standard compliant
  • optimized and clean code
  • icon fonts with fallbacks
  • Google webfonts with fallbacks
  • follows typography rules
  • menus up to 3 levels
  • personalized print outs
  • clean minimalist design
  • well documented
  • priority support
  • 2 styles to jumpstart from. Copy and create your own!

Template positions



  • search
  • breadcrumb
  • extraheader
  • menus (top, main, bottom, sidebar and quadruplet styles included)
  • ticker (top, bottom)
  • content (top, bottom)
  • sidebar (left / right)
  • triplet (left / middle / right)
  • triplet bottom (left / middle / right)
  • long triplet (left / middle / right)
  • quadruplet (left / middle left / middle right / right)
  • footer
  • debug

Demonstration Joomla! 3

Check out on the Joomla! 3 version on the demo site or scan the QR code to try it out on your smartphone!

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Note This template is NOT part of the PRO extensions bundle.
Note You must be logged in, have a current and valid license to be able to download the template.

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