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Custom fields with the showon attribute: a front end rendering temporary fix

First published September 09, 2023
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In Joomla 4.3 was introduced the possibility to dynamically show/hide custom fields depending on the values of others. This is done through the form option Showon Attribute.

However, when rendered in the front end of a site (or in an email for contact email fields), all values show, regardless of that attribute. This is an issue because, even though custom fields can be hidden from view, the values are still all recorded. Therefore right now we need a mechanism to hide those unwanted values.

Although the two libraries MooTools and jQuery can co-exist together, one problem remains as more and more such extensions are made available: each module, plugin, component or even template can come with its own version of jQuery. This can result in bloated loads of javascript libraries, can slow down the performance of your web site (because of a heavy resource consumption) and even create conflicts.


Troubleshoot (custom) field rendering on a live Joomla website

First published June 13, 2017
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Starting with Joomla 3.7, custom fields have given websites the ability to add fields to contact forms. While the rendering of those fields looks alright in the administration console, you may end up, in the live part of the site (or frontend), with unexpected outputs (radio buttons not skinned, lists not showing…).


Introducing the picture background theme for Trombinoscope Contacts

First published April 13, 2017
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There is a new kid on the block and this is one that is aimed to take advantage of the new picture background feature introduced in the Trombinoscope view and the module of Trombinoscope Contacts (free and pro).

Show a background image (a default image, the contact itself or any media custom field in Joomla! 3.7) behind any contact picture and make the contact cards more attractive and colorful.


Coding for Joomla 4: the new loader

First published September 17, 2020
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Joomla 4 is catching up with the new (and not so new) web technologies, technologies that are now widely supported by most modern browsers. One of these techniques is Web Components. Web components allow developers to reuse custom elements on a web page or web app without the fear of code collusion.

The Joomla 4 loader is now available as a web component.


Coding for Joomla 4: radio and list form fields

First published September 12, 2020
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The administrator console user interface has been greatly improved in Joomla! 4. Focus has been made on accessibility and mobile-first experience.
While moving my own extensions to Joomla 4, I dug into the differences in the look and feel of radio buttons and list fields to ensure they would have a cohesive look throughout.


SVG support in the Joomla CMS

First published October 18, 2020
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A lot of talks have been around the handling of SVG files in the Joomla community over the years. Some with a bit of frustrations. SVG have been around a long while now, so why the lack of support?

The SVG image file format in Joomla