First a great thank you to all OpenTranslators members and all regular translators of the Simplify Your Web extensions. Your help is much appreciated.

Please follow those simple rules when translating extensions:

  • do not translate extension names (for instance Latest News Enhanced). It is important for users to know the original name for further reference in the documentation, demonstration and Simplify Your Web websites,
  • keep upper casing identical as much as possible (unless different in your language),
  • keep HTML tag formatting identical,
  • keep %s items in the translated strings. They are replaced with data when translated,
  • avoid quotes " and preferably use single quotes '.

Thank you!

Note Language requests are granted on the basis that the language needs to exist for Joomla as an official language (a language installable from the Joomla administration console).
For instance, fr-FR or fr-CA will be accepted, but not fr.