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Our Expertise

Do you need to update your outdated website? Are you a designer and need your project to be implemented? Do you need to update your Joomla! site to a newer version? Or do you simply have an idea for a website and request help?

Whatever your requirements, we create your site in Joomla! and give you the tools and support so YOU are the one in charge of its content.

You need somebody to manage your site content, host and domain registrations? We do that too.


  • Extension Migration

    Some extensions are no longer supported, and it prevents you from migrating to new versions of Joomla? Ask for advice and get a quote
  • Web Site Migration

    Your Joomla website is outdated or you want to move to Joomla, there is a solution for you
  • Joomla! Extensions Development

    Free or commercial, you will find a wide range of options for your site
  • Joomla! Template Development

    Lightweight, responsive and following the latest standards
  • Web Site Maintenance

    Keep your site up-to-date and bug-free, the only way for best security
  • Web Site Creation

    In collaboration with a designer, get your site implemented in Joomla!
What do you benefit from moving your hard-coded website to a Content Management System?

  • Mature and secure open source software
  • Enormous add-ons base (free or commercial extensions)
  • Fast set up
  • Dynamic content managed by adding new content, editing exiting content or publishing new content with great ease
  • Better integrated website with great functionality and accessibility
  • No help needed from third party except for added functionality
  • No licence fees to pay (whenever free extensions are used)
  • Internal search
  • Optimization for search engines (use of Meta tags for all content)
  • Integrated tools for editing of content
  • Web site backup for easy re-install
  • Secured forms, avoiding spam content (use of captcha)
  • Statistics about the visitors of the site
  • Cross-browser compatibility

Step 1 - Quote

  • look at requirements for the project + time and budget
  • research (existing content, structure, competition)
  • specific add-ons inventory
  • estimate
  • hand out of all credentials (login/pwd) by the client - confidentiality agreement
  • validation of the technical requirements

Step 2 - Web design development & testing

  • creation of design mock-up (wireframe)
  • choice of color scheme
  • choice of graphics (handed out and/or in-house)
  • client review and feedback
  • CMS template creation
  • cross-browser and web standards compliance testing

Step 3 - Web site development & testing

  • CMS install and setup on development server
  • CMS template install
  • custom coding (add-ons)
  • CMS add-ons install (for existing and added functionality)
  • web site setup (users, contacts, links, menus, categories for contacts, content and links)
  • re-organization of the content (old and new text and images)
  • content is dispatched in template place holders
  • verification that everything works correctly

Step 4 - Customer review

  • access to demo server
  • incorporate changes/modifications

Step 5 - Release

  • DNS creation (optional)
  • ISP space rental (optional)
  • install and configuration on the ISP server
  • testing of functionalities
  • documentation (step by step doc of functionalities)
  • invoicing

Step 6 - Support

  • one year free support on existing website
  • backup setup
  • DNS/ISP renewals (if not handled by client)
  • free CMS and add-ons security updates


Bernard Liebowitz
Bernard Liebowitz
It is my pleasure to recommend these services to anyone who wants to free themselves from the chains of a website they cannot change by themselves.
Jay Lyon
Olivier is a great listener
– he takes what you tell him you’re trying to convey and makes it a reality.

He delivers his projects on time and on budget, and along the way provides ideas for improvements that were never on your radar before.