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Troubleshoot: custom fields are grayed out (disabled) in my form

First published June 15, 2020
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You have just created a few custom fields for your articles, contacts or users in the Joomla console to realize that they are grayed out when you try editing them on the public side of your website. You are able to add data just fine in the console, so why not on the public side?


Edit contacts on a live Joomla site with Trombinoscope Contacts Pro

First published June 28, 2019
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Trombinoscope Contacts Pro v3.0 introduced a major feature that is missing in Joomla core: the edition of contacts outside the administration console. The extension proposes a solution and to ensure the data is properly secure, there are a few steps to follow.


Troubleshoot missing styles and scripts (access permissions errors)

First published October 13, 2015
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Any Simplify Your Web extension that has an output display

After installing any of the Simplify Your Web extensions (or after moving the site to a different server with different settings), some users may experience issues with the extension's HTML output. No matter the setup, the output does not look anything like any of the demos or screenshots that the user has seen...

Feelings of disappointment occur (it should work from the start, right?). What is really happening?

This tutorial will help you diagnose the issue (or confirm it) and guide you to help you fix it.


Create and edit contacts from a Joomla site's frontend

First published May 01, 2015
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There is no contact menu item (or contact view) in Joomla! out-of-the-box allowing the creation and edition of  contacts in the front end of a site. But there is a way for registered users to create their own contact entry and edit it when you have Trombinoscope Contacts Pro.


Show contact pictures in Smart Search results

First published August 12, 2015
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Trombinoscope Extended Trombinoscope Contacts Pro v2.2.1 and over

Search queries return data that has no specific formatting, no matter the kind of data that is returned. Thankfully, the smart search component allows template overrides when it comes to the results' output. Coupled with Trombinoscope Extended, it is possible to show specific contact data in the smart search results... picture included.


Troubleshoot: Fatal or Class SYW... not found error

First published April 27, 2017
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The issue

It's been reported a few times that suddenly, after an update, fatal errors or Class not found errors can occur when accessing an extension or a page hosting a Simplify Your Web extension.

Although a major issue (since it may crash the site on some pages), it is easily fixable.


This set of articles have been created in order to increase people's awareness about the Simplify Your Web products.
It is aiming to show how those products can be used and point out not-so-well-known functionality.