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What do you benefit from moving your hard-coded website to a Content Management System?

  • Mature and secure open source software
  • Enormous add-ons base (free or commercial extensions)
  • Fast set up
  • Dynamic content managed by adding new content, editing exiting content or publishing new content with great ease
  • Better integrated website with great functionality and accessibility
  • No help needed from third party except for added functionality
  • No licence fees to pay (whenever free extensions are used)


Jay Lyon
Lyon Communications
Olivier is a great listener
– he takes what you tell him you’re trying to convey and makes it a reality.

He delivers his projects on time and on budget, and along the way provides ideas for improvements that were never on your radar before.
Bernard Liebowitz
Bernard Liebowitz
Liebowitz & Associates, LLC
It is my pleasure to recommend these services to anyone who wants to free themselves from the chains of a website they cannot change by themselves.