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Step 1 - Quote

  • look at requirements for the project + time and budget
  • research (existing content, structure, competition)
  • specific add-ons inventory
  • estimate
  • hand out of all credentials (login/pwd) by the client - confidentiality agreement
  • validation of the technical requirements

Step 2 - Web design development & testing

  • creation of design mock-up (wireframe)
  • choice of color scheme
  • choice of graphics (handed out and/or in-house)
  • client review and feedback
  • CMS template creation
  • cross-browser and web standards compliance testing

Step 3 - Web site development & testing

  • CMS install and setup on development server
  • CMS template install
  • custom coding (add-ons)
  • CMS add-ons install (for existing and added functionality)
  • web site setup (users, contacts, links, menus, categories for contacts, content and links)
  • re-organization of the content (old and new text and images)
  • content is dispatched in template place holders
  • verification that everything works correctly

Step 4 - Customer review

  • access to demo server
  • incorporate changes/modifications

Step 5 - Release

  • DNS creation (optional)
  • ISP space rental (optional)
  • install and configuration on the ISP server
  • testing of functionalities
  • documentation (step by step doc of functionalities)
  • invoicing

Step 6 - Support

  • one year free support on existing website
  • backup setup
  • DNS/ISP renewals (if not handled by client)
  • free CMS and add-ons security updates


Bernard Liebowitz
Bernard Liebowitz
Liebowitz & Associates, LLC
It is my pleasure to recommend these services to anyone who wants to free themselves from the chains of a website they cannot change by themselves.
Jay Lyon
Lyon Communications
Olivier is a great listener
– he takes what you tell him you’re trying to convey and makes it a reality.

He delivers his projects on time and on budget, and along the way provides ideas for improvements that were never on your radar before.