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v2.14.1 (4/5/19) Bug fix release - packaged with the extensions library v1.4.17
  • FIXED modals lack CSS when on Bootstrap-free templates
v2.14.0 (3/14/19) Update release
  • MODIFIED numerous files for Bootstrap compatibility
  • REMOVED obsolete update sites
  • ADDED include pages option in animation
  • ADDED tcpmodal layout
  • ADDED Bootstrap compatibility option
v2.13.0 (2/14/19) Update release - packaged with the Extensions Library v1.4.15
  • FIXED modal class name conflicts with Bootstrap CSS
  • FIXED whole address block ellipsed if one of the line needs ellipses
  • FIXED misc info / summary output
  • FIXED languages files containing _QQ_ are no longer considered valid and prevent use
  • FIXED links a..e in same window lack tooltips
  • FIXED picture and name have class hasTooltip even when no tooltips are requested
  • MODIFIED link tag attributes are fetched from outside the template for more clarity and flexibility
  • REMOVED incorrect usage of the <address> html tag
  • ADDED enabled the possibility to add icons to fields: suburb, state, postcode
  • ADDED option to show or not the tooltip on the picture
v2.12.0 (10/29/18) Update release - packaged with the Extensions Library v1.4.12
  • FIXED test checking pro version
  • MODIFIED extension links
  • MODIFIED image tag for images with high resolution
  • REMOVED extensionlinkwrapper field
  • REMOVED additional script declaration for high resolution images
  • REMOVED tooltip from image tag on the picture to have tooltips ONLY when the picture is linked
  • ADDED extensionlinkswrapper field
v2.11.3 (09/23/18) Update release
  • MODIFIED logos
  • MODIFIED link to Transifex
  • ADDED option to remember or not where the animation left off
v2.11.0 (08/12/18) Update release
  • MODIFIED label width param is moved to the themes tab
  • MODIFIED high resolution parameter is independent from processing the picture
  • ADDED Process content plugins in miscellaneous information
v2.10.0 (05/13/18) Update release - packaged with extensions library v1.4.6
  • FIXED sometimes the address html tag shows dots (…) even when the text does not overflow
  • MODIFIED pretext/posttext better editor
  • MODIFIED CSS overrides better editor
  • MODIFIED category order moved up to category selection
  • ADDED logo of pro version
  • ADDED info on the auto clear cached image plugin in the advanced tab
  • ADDED category max level depth
  • ADDED category order by title
v2.9.0 (03/22/18) Update release - packaged with the extensions library v1.4.3
  • MODIFIED internal links (for the website field) open in the same window page
  • MODIFIED image filter allows the mix and match of 2 filters
  • MODIFIED sepia color
  • MODIFIED logo
  • ADDED picture filters blur and sharpen
v2.8.3 (02/19/18) Bug fix release
  • FIXED carousel items not centered on first load
  • ADDED quickstart link to list of links
  • ADDED override tests
v2.8.2 (02/11/18) Bug fix release
  • FIXED wrong object when instances are not saved after update
v2.8.1 (02/10/18) Bug fix release
  • FIXED contact names are not formatted or linked anymore
v2.8.0 (02/07/18) Update release - packaged with the extensions library v1.4.1
  • FIXED extension fields
  • FIXED CSS for RTL support
  • FIXEDslide blinds theme RTL support
  • FIXED on RTL, link arrow is wrong
  • FIXED Persian language is not showing
  • FIXED mobiles devices not properly detected by Joomla library
  • REMOVED deprecated JError:raise…
  • MODIFIED image filter more user friendly
  • MODIFIED background picture options are moved to bottom of contact picture tab
  • MODIFIED CODE CLEANUP - update themes and template overrides
  • MODIFIED use of isMobile() from extensions library
  • ADDED possibility to inline scripts therefore reducing the number of http requests
  • ADDED link to quickstart tutorial on install
v2.7.1 (10/01/17) Update release - packaged with the extensions library v1.3.10
  • FIXED installer: cached files are not removed on update
  • MODIFIED installer: testing the glob function
  • MODIFIED extension fields getOptions
  • MODIFIED donate link
  • ADDED connect with us
v2.7.0 (07/10/17) Update release
  • FIXED wrong hint for 'keep tags' since Joomla 3.7
  • REMOVED tag icons from tag layout
  • ADDED choice to load the icon font
v2.6.1 (04/13/17) Bug fix release
  • FIXED removed context when setting and getting custom field values (to reflect changes in beta 4)
  • FIXED column name change custom field table (to reflect changes in RC1)
  • FIXED wrong icon/label when using link field (default replaced by Skype icon)
  • FIXED script errors in landscape to portrait code
  • MODIFIED background picture available even when picture is set to no show
  • MODIFIED if picture background is set to 'none' and there is a default background picture selected, the default background picture should not show
  • ADDED ability to use the contact picture as individual background picture
v2.6.0 (03/24/17) Update release
  • FIXED error 500 when using manual id ordering
  • FIXED background image theme override has wrong path since v2.5
  • MODIFIED packaged with lib_syw v1.3.8
  • MODIFIED theme selection
  • ADDED media folder in xml file to receive style's elements such as background images and fonts
  • ADDED error message when card with is in percentages and animations are used
  • ADDED include ids option to selection
  • ADDED default background picture
  • ADDED ability to show/hide tooltips per field
  • ADDED Persian language
v2.5.1 (01/19/17) Bug fix release
  • FIXED contacts should not show if tag selection is 'all' and there are no tags associated to contacts
  • MODIFIED packaged with lib_syw v1.3.6
  • REMOVED content type restriction on tag selection
  • ADDED Danish (thanks to Ronny Buelund from OpenTranslators)
  • ADDED online help links
v2.5.0 (11/19/16) Update release
  • FIXED refresh on Safari when using animations
  • MODIFIED packaged with lib_syw v1.3.5
  • MODIFIED renamed thumbnail file names
  • MODIFIED cleaned stylesheets to avoid empty properties
  • MODIFIED use the new headers caching system
  • MODIFIED enforced card width unit in pixels needed for animation
  • REMOVED installer change log and Transifex links from language files
  • ADDED installer version number of the library installed
  • ADDED option to cache thumbnails in the /cache folder
  • ADDED possibility to substitute the default stylesheets
  • ADDED possibility to add styles for all module instances (to avoid CSS overrides in each instance that are identical)
v2.4.4 (10/07/16) Bug fix and update release
  • MODIFIED temporary folder default is /images not /tmp
  • MODIFIED installer included auto install of the external library
  • ADDED lib_syw v1.3.4 as package
v2.4.3 (10/02/16) Update release
  • FIXED contact is removed when related element on the page has same id and that element is not a contact
  • MODIFIED moved the 'general link' section under the 'layout' tab
  • REMOVED useless tooltips in tag layouts
  • ADDED pre/post text with possible event triggering
  • ADDED optional CSS classes to general module link (easy to skin with Bootstrap)
  • ADDED hasTooltip class when there is a 'title' attribute
  • ADDED matching of tags (all/any)
v2.4.2 (08/27/16) Update release
  • FIXED unpublished categories should not show
  • ADDED Turkish translations (thanks to OpenTranslators)
  • ADDED Russian translations (thanks to Gregory Ignatovich from OpenTranslators)
v2.4.0 (07/06/16) Update release - smaller footprint and database query optimizations
  • FIXED if 'related by keywords' and there are keys filtering items in the selection, show only items that have keys in common
  • FIXED if 'related by tags' and there are tags filtering items in the selection, show only items that have tags in common
  • FIXED related by tags should pre-filter tags of item on the page before going into the database query (for better performance)
  • FIXED tags are not filtered in the database query
  • FIXED duplicate language keys for 'featured'
  • MODIFIED category selection available for related items for finer tuning
  • MODIFIED when 'logged user', no other selection parameter
  • MODIFIED when 'single contact', only contact field selection parameter
  • MODIFIED 'include featured' labelling
  • MODIFIED module link is now a dropdown. WARNING needs to be reset before instance save
  • ADDED module link can be an external URL
  • ADDED if no module link label, uses the menu item title if a menu title is selected
  • ADDED z-index to 'person' class to avoid display issues with templates (like menus)
  • ADDED common stylesheet to avoid CSS duplicates when several instances on same page. WARNING the common styles will have precedence. To avoid that, update the downloaded themes and use #te_[instance_id] instead of .te_[instance_id] in CSS overrides
  • ADDED tag layout (needs the component to be overridable)
  • ADDED install: warning that overrides exist and may need to be updated
v2.3.3 (04/11/16) Minor update release
  • ADDED installer: translation check
v2.3.2 (03/31/16) Update and bug fix release
  • FIXED carousel does not resize properly on horizontal configuration when moving all visible items at once
  • FIXED carousel items have wrong height on initial load
  • FIXED carousel name potential conflicts
  • FIXED carousel flickering when loading (unstyled content while the animation plugin loads)
  • FIXED warning 'deleting file/folder' not translated properly
  • MODIFIED requires SYW extension library v1.3.1
  • MODIFIED translate link
  • MODIFIED darker sepia color
  • ADDED possibility to create high resolution images to handle devices with high pixel ratio
  • ADDED instant release of resources as soon as thumbnail creation is done
  • ADDED experimental whitespaces removal for faster page loading
  • ADDED on update, remove cached styles and scripts for all instances to avoid unexpected side effects due to fixes, updates and new features
  • ADDED class 'te' to upmost element
  • ADDED id="te_[module id]" but left class="te_[module id]" for backward compatibility
  • ADDED carousel arrows can be styled with Bootstrap
v2.3.1 (02/01/16) Update release
  • MODIFIED requires SYW extension library v1.2.6
  • REMOVED version number from language files
  • ADDED Trombinoscope Contacts to Transifex
  • ADDED Portuguese translations (Brazil locale) (thanks to Carlos Souza)
  • ADDED link to change log when update
  • ADDED sepia image filter
  • ADDED author, version and translators custom fields
  • ADDED translate link
  • ADDED picture quality parameter
  • ADDED border radius for picture
  • ADDED isMobile class
v2.3.0 (12/06/15) Major update release.
  • MODIFIED requires SYW extension library v1.2.5
  • MODIFIED improved style files (replaced _GET with input->get)
  • MODIFIED strip tag behavior. You can now keep html tags inside cutoff text! WARNING: check outputs to make sure the text is showing the way it is intended to
  • MODIFIED message styling (Bootstrap skinning and core messaging)
  • MODIFIED parameter organization (filtering/display/page tabs)
  • MODIFIED css.php and js.php headers and use of JInput
  • MODIFIED JRequest replaced with JInput
  • REMOVED normal, grow, shrink.png images
  • REMOVED CSS styling for messages to reduce styles file size. Replaced by Bootstrap
  • REMOVED CSS styling for hover effects
  • REMOVED CSS styling for messages to reduce styles file size. Replaced with core messaging
  • REMOVED CSS styling for hover effects
  • REMOVED obsolete translations
  • UPDATED logo
  • ADDED show contacts related to contact through tags and contacts related to any content through tags
  • ADDED Czech translation (thanks to Luděk Dušek)
  • ADDED links to support
  • ADDED picture hover effects picker with a lot of new effects
  • ADDED thumbnail path can be the Joomla configuration temporary folder or the /images media path
  • ADDED icon selection for contact details (choose default or select icons for the information fields shown on the cards)
  • ADDED choose 'favorite' icon through icon picker
  • ADDED hover extra margin parameter for when the transition expands and needs more space. requires themes to be updated
  • ADDED updater
v2.2.2 (09/03/15) Update release
  • FIXED cached files are not removed if not needed any more
  • MODIFIED requires SYW external library v1.2.3
  • MODIFIED 'newspaper' icon replaced with 'fax' icon for fax field
  • MODIFIED javascript for carousel is cached into animationmaster.js file (does not show as plain text in the page anymore)
  • MODIFIED category linking improvements
  • ADDED CSS/JS cache handled by syw_lib
  • ADDED general link that ties the module to a menu item
  • ADDED tag id as class for each contact
v2.1.0 Update release
  • FIXED minor typos in module's translation files
  • MODIFIED requires SYW external library v1.2.0
  • MODIFIED data fields are more verbose (hints, help, units...)
  • ADDED Finnish translation (a big thank you to Sami Kuusisto)
  • ADDED automatic map parameters to modify the map's output when creating maps automatically
v2.0.0 New release
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