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v2.1.0 (3/5/18) Update release
  • FIXED headers should not be re-ordered if jQuery has not been enabled in the plugin
  • MODIFIED 'fine-tune selection' to 'specific assignments' tab name change
  • ADDED migrate subversions for Migrate 3.0
v2.0.1 (2/1/18) Bug fix release
  • FIXED wrong call to lib_syw from connect extension field
  • FIXED extension fields to avoid breaking layers
  • MODIFIED general options moved to their own tab
  • ADDED media folder
  • ADDED support for jQuery v3.3
v2.0.0 (10/19/17) Update release
  • MODIFIED dynamicsingleselect to resemble lib_syw
  • ADDED Missing translations
v2.0.0 beta 1 (09/04/17) Beta 1 release
  • FIXED escape or move - in regular expressions to avoid it to be mistakenly taken as the range indicator
  • FIXED sywonlinehelp field 'class' attribute does not work
  • FIXED errors in custom fields when lib_syw is not installed on the site
  • FIXED wrong donate link
  • FIXED some code should only be run when showing reports
  • FIXED removed Joomla framework option from Migrate selection if Joomla version is < 3.2
  • MODIFIED re-ordered parameters into new tabs to improve user experience
  • MODIFIED renamed 'enable' to 'add/fix'
  • MODIFIED strip remaining scripts and stylesheets are independent of the jQuery fixes
  • MODIFIED Jcaption script removal can be found under jQuery or MooTools tabs, depending on the Joomla version
  • ADDED useful links to help section
  • ADDED custom fields to test installed Migrate, jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap and MooTools versions
  • ADDED custom field for selection of jQuery versions
  • ADDED custom field that tests if JCHOptimize is installed
  • ADDED custom field that links to the CDN used
  • ADDED jQuery, UI, Mobile, MooTools and Bootstrap images
  • ADDED Bootstrap and Mootools help links
  • ADDED new images for jQuery selection
  • ADDED links to check what versions are available at the used CDN
  • ADDED tests that avoid the addition of Migrate if it is unnecessary but is selected
v1.6.9 (03/30/17) Update release
  • ADDED jQuery version 3.2
v1.6.8 (01/17/17) Update release
  • MODIFIED logo, branding
  • MODIFIED custom fields title, subtitle, message
  • MODIFIED version comparison, limit to 1 replacement for optimization for Jcaption
  • REMOVED unnecessary custom fields and images
  • ADDED help links to online documentation
  • ADDED notification about missing features available in the commercial version
  • ADDED German translations (thanks to OpenTranslators members)
v1.6.7 (09/09/16) Update release
  • MODIFIED libraries added by the plugin are linked in the report for fast manual right path check
  • MODIFIED regular expressions to allow ~ in the URL paths
  • ADDED support for jQuery UI v1.12
v1.6.6 (07/17/16) Update release
  • ADDED support for jQuery v3.1.0
v1.6.5 (06/23/16) Update release
  • FIXED error message in report even when jQuery UI theme is set to 'none'
  • MODIFIED when a subversion is needed, default is 0 if missing
  • ADDED support for jQuery v3.0.0
  • ADDED support for Migrate v3.0.0
  • ADDED Russian, Turkish and Ukrainian support. Thank you to OpenTranslator members for their contribution!
v1.6.4 (05/23/16) Update release
  • MODIFIED calls to $_GET replaced with JFactory::getApplication()->input->get
  • ADDED Migrate library v1.4.1
  • ADDED warning when language file is missing upon install
  • ADDED link to change log upon install
v1.6.3 (02/08/16) Update release
  • MODIFIED getting the Migrate script from the jQuery CDN
  • MODIFIED jQuery UI theme set to 'none' as default
  • REMOVED version number from language files
  • UPDATED links to articles from the help tab
  • UPDATED online documentation link
  • ADDED links to support and bug reporting
  • ADDED Portuguese (Brazil locale) (thanks to Carlos Souza)
  • ADDED support for Migrate v1.3.0
  • ADDED author, version and translators custom fields
  • ADDED translate link
v1.6.2 (01/14/16) Update release
  • ADDED support for jQuery 1.12 and 2.2
  • ADDED Spanish translation (ES locale) (thanks to OpenTranslators)
v1.6.1 (08/05/15) Bug fix release
  • FIXED JCaption regular expression
  • FIXED JCaption reported removed even if not found when removal of JCaption is enabled
  • FIXED jQuery(window).on('load', function() {}); is not removed in J!3.2+ (addEvent is removed until J!3.1)
  • MODIFIED Caption removal option moved to 'other' section
v1.6.0 (07/08/15) Update release
This version only uses the new syntax for matching page's paths
  • MODIFIED logo
  • MODIFIED report option is now visible on the first plugin tab
  • MODIFIED report output (uses Bootstrap when possible)
  • MODIFIED J!3.2.4+ parameter selection (some options only show when needed)
  • REMOVED back paths compatibility
  • REMOVED 'Other' tab
  • ADDED Swedish translation (thanks to OpenTranslators)
  • ADDED option to show report only if logged as Super User
  • ADDED $(document).ready(function($) is replaced with jQuery(document).ready(function($) in 'fix document ready' option
v1.5.6 Update release
  • MODIFIED more libraries/no conflict scripts are correctly removed (ex: 'jqueryui.js' or 'jquerynoconflict.js' are now taken into account)
  • ADDED jQuery UI v1.11
  • ADDED Any library with 'latest' in the path after 'jQuery' is correctly removed (ex: 'jquery-latest.js')
v1.5.5 Update release
  • FIXED remaining scripts and stylesheets are not always removed
  • FIXED minor report issues
  • MODIFIED message field to handle labels
  • MODIFIED moved 'disable captions' under the 'MooTools' section
  • MODIFIED moved non-jquery advanced parameters out of the 'jquery' section
  • MODIFIED some labels (Compression...)
  • MODIFIED help page
  • ADDED jQuery versions 2.1 and 1.11 (warning: Google CDN does not support those versions of jQuery yet!)
  • ADDED en-US language
  • ADDED link to jQuery Easy Profiles page
v1.5.4 Update release
  • MODIFIED regular expressions for finding jquery scripts (to handle source having '?' after '.js' or '.css')
  • MODIFIED order in which libraries are loaded
  • ADDED style id to report and new lines
  • ADDED style properties to code tag to fit the container
  • ADDED remove Migrate scripts
  • ADDED load the Migrate script from Microsoft CDN or use the one provided by the framework (Joomla! 3.2+)
  • ADDED Columbian and Italian translations (thanks to OpenTranslators)
v1.5.3 Update release
  • FIXED report
  • UPDATED restriction on JQuery UI CSS file paths (stylesheet needs to be local) if the jQuery UI library is set to local or is loaded from the Joomla framework
  • ADDED Dutch translation (thanks to Anne Mügge)
v1.5.2 Update release
  • ADDED versions 1.10+ and 2.0+ of jQuery
  • ADDED info on jQuery Migrate for jQuery 1.9+
  • ADDED: jQuery Migrate local path field
  • ADDED warning on jQuery 2.0+
v1.5.1 Update release
  • FIXED PHP error when enabling the plugin without saving parameters
  • MODIFIED report look, better international support
  • MODIFIED empty script removal regular expressions
  • ADDED 'replace when unique' field
  • ADDED 'add when missing' field
v1.5.0 Major release: addresses most reported issues and requests from users, particularly a lot of the plugin's shortcomings like multiple template support
Verify your website's functionality after this major update
  • FIXED too much code stripped when removing noConflict script declarations
  • FIXED preg_match errors in rare cases when looking for noConflict() instances
  • FIXED noConflict() would not be removed if > happened to be in the code separating and noConflict()
  • FIXED report interferes with popups
  • MODIFIED the syntax to compare paths with '*' with the current URI in enable/disable/keep in pages
  • MODIFIED the way jquery.noconflict.js (and all sorts of combinations) are found and deleted
  • MODIFIED help references
  • MODIFIED cosmetics for Joomla! 3+
  • ADDED new section 'Other'
  • ADDED warning and backward compatibility option for paths in enable/disable/keep in pages
  • ADDED intaller script to show change log upon install (useful when using automatic updates and not going through the website)
  • ADDED link to documentation download in the help section
  • ADDED examples of syntax for some fields
  • ADDED disable plugin in template field (experimental)
  • ADDED ignore scripts field to avoid removal of scripts mistakenly tagged as jQuery libraries
  • ADDED new option to have no protocol
  • ADDED French translation
  • AKNOWLEDGEMENT: a big thank you to Cyril from Jooml!C ( for his precious help
v1.4.2 Bug fix release
  • FIXED additional / or /subdomain are added to the paths
  • FIXED un-translated descriptions on first install
  • FIXED parameters look and feel
  • MODIFIED wording on versions 1.9 and over (starting from versions 1.9, the sub-version needs to be specified)
  • ADDED jQuery v1.9 and jQuery UI v1.10
v1.4.0 Joomla! 3.0 ready (corresponds to the 2.0 beta version, downgraded to 1.4)
  • FIXED cannot add subversion '0'
  • MODIFIED the loading of the scripts (MooTools -> jQuery -> Bootstrap -> user scripts -> remaining scripts
  • REMOVED application variable 'jQuery'
  • REMOVED backend options (no more administration site settings)
  • ADDED check which versions of jQuery are loaded by the framework
  • ADDED report if jQuery and Bootstrap are loaded by the site template
  • ADDED use jQuery from the framework (in 'version')
  • ADDED jQuery UI v1.9 (use sub-version '0')
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