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v5.1.0 (07/27/22) Update release
  • FIXED [LOW] adding defer or async to additional scripts has no influence under Joomla 3.7
  • MODIFIED additional scripts now use repeatable fields
  • MODIFIED protocol wording (use 'relative' instead of 'none')
  • REMOVED async/defer attributes from scripts added before the end of the body tag (backward compatible if any defer or async is found in the url string)
  • ADDED 'defer scripts' parameters (for jQuery, Bootstrap and any listed script)
  • ADDED Bootstrap 5.2 support
v5.0.3 (05/31/22) Bug fix release
  • FIXED [MEDIUM] the installer plugin's language file typo crashes updates if the license expires in the next 30 days
v5.0.2 (04/18/22) Update release
  • MODIFIED picking of the right CDN for the specified version for when versions are missing from specific CDNs, more user friendly since the user does not need to worry which CDN to pick
  • ADDED Migrate v3.4 support
  • ADDED possibility to use the open source CDN JSDelivr (check the documentation for restrictions)
v5.0.1 (02/15/22) Bug fix release
  • FIXED [HIGH] remaining scripts and stylesheets are not removed properly (when partial URL) if scan is not limited to API
  • FIXED [LOW] escaped / when removing empty script tags in search and replace noconflict
  • FIXED [LOW] escaped / in regexp when removing GARBAGE
  • FIXED [LOW] popper subversion not available when popper > v2.6
  • ADDED support for Popper v2.11
  • ADDED support for jQueryUI v1.13 (available from the jQuery MaxCDN only at the moment) so hold on for Google's CDN on the free version
v5.0.0 (10/19/21) Update release - packaged with extensions library v1.4.22
  • FIXED [LOW] installer: wrong returns for package install or update
  • FIXED [LOW] popper removal does not happen under Bootstrap 5
  • FIXED [LOW] module: missing global value hints in general options
  • FIXED [MEDIUM] missing ignorebootstrapstylesheets in whole page scan
  • MODIFIED when in debug mode, files are not using their minimized version
  • MODIFIED module template position and preferred CDN are now set in global configuration
  • MODIFIED regular expression overriding the defaults are now set in global configuration
  • MODIFIED installer: free to pro transfer
  • MODIFIED device, template, component and url selection in assignments tab (ignore/include/exclude)
  • REMOVED limit to head parameter
  • ADDED new popper versions
  • ADDED distinction between API, head and whole page scanning with the page scan parameter
  • ADDED module: values from plugin are shown when a parameter has global values
v4.3.0 (8/20/21) Update release
  • ADDED field to prevent removal of stylesheets like bootstrap-selected.js
  • ADDED support for Bootstrap 5.1
v4.2.2 (4/7/21) Update release
  • ADDED support for jQuery 3.6
v4.2.1 (2/22/21) Update release
  • ADDED info: link to update instructions
  • ADDED Watchful improved support
v4.2.0 (1/29/21) Update release - packaged with the extensions library v1.6.2

The noConflict regular expression has been improved and when stripping 'noConflict' code, the option 'Yes, ignore variable declarations' now catches ALL declarations, eliminating errors that could result from falsely removing 'must keep' variable declarations. If you compensated the removal of needed variables declarations by adding them again in 'Add script declarations' ('scripts' tab), you will need to remove those extra declarations to avoid variable declaration duplicates.

  • FIXED [MEDIUM] the plugin does not catch all noConflict declarations that are declared as variables
  • FIXED [MEDIUM] script or link tags are added to the source code even when there is no script or style
  • FIXED [MEDIUM] noConflict declaration regular expression does not allow spaces inside the parenthesis
  • FIXED [LOW] message 'loaded the Bootstrap library before jQuery UI' even when jQuery UI is not present
  • FIXED [LOW] missing image for custom theme
  • ADDED support for Bootstrap v4.6 and 5.0 (for v5.0, enter sub-version 0-beta1 and use the Cloudflare CDN)
  • ADDED support for Popper v1.16, 2.5 and 2.6 (2.5.4 required for Bootstrap v5.0)
  • ADDED Bootstrap 5 CSS utilities selection option
  • ADDED Bootstrap 5 CSS RTL versions parameter
v4.1.0 (10/2/20) Update release - packaged with the extensions library v1.5.3
  • FIXED stylesheet removals not taken into account when whole page scan for chosen
  • FIXED default ignore script should be media/jui/js/chosen.jquery to work properly on debug
  • MODIFIED if the system is in debug mode, libraries and stylesheets are not using their minified versions and script/style declarations are not minimized
  • ADDED freestyle regular expressions that work sitewide, no matter if a profile is used
  • ADDED option to remove the chosen plugin
  • ADDED option to override the chosen regular expression
v4.0.3 (9/14/20) Bug fix release
  • FIXED template id causes error
  • MODIFIED template id is unnecessary when templates parameter is set to 'all'
  • MODIFIED component is unnecessary when component parameter is set to 'all'
v4.0.2 (6/5/20) Bug fix release
  • FIXED file output is incorrect for stylesheets in the report
  • FIXED the Bootstrap bundle is not retrieved by the js regular expression
  • ADDED support for Bootstrap 4.5
  • ADDED support for Migrate 3.3
v4.0.1 (5/3/20) Bug fix release
  • FIXED when keeping noConflict variable declarations, '$' may be replaced with 'jQuery' incorrectly
v4.0.0 (4/18/20) Update release
  • FIXED some javascript declaration are ignored after comments starting with //
  • FIXED CSS files not removed properly when limited to head
  • FIXED if Bootstrap is not selected for treatment, popper.js is moved after Bootstrap if previously preceding it (when looking on the whole page)
  • MODIFIED installer plugin: test to allow third-party services to access the downloads
  • MODIFIED popper.js is removed or untouched only if Bootstrap js files are removed or untouched
  • ADDED removal of javascript comments when minifying script declarations
  • ADDED jQuery 3.5 and jQuery Migrate 3.2 support
v4.0.0 rc 1 (3/2/20) Bug fix release
  • FIXED missing version in Joomla < 3.7 and > 3.2 for scripts when fixes in head only
  • FIXED crash when adding stylesheets in Joomla < 3.7 when fixes in head only
v4.0.0 beta 2 (11/30/19) Update release
  • UPDATED language files
  • REMOVED config: core overrides
  • ADDED overload option for disable tooltips and disable captions
  • ADDED disable tooltips by overload for MooTools
  • ADDED Bootstrap 4.4 support
v4.0.0 beta 1 (11/11/19) Update release
  • FIXED message 'load BootStrap before UI' has extra parameter
  • FIXED if alias are unicode characters (non latin), path comparisons fail (in enable/disable parameters)
  • FIXED if index.php is present in the current URL and not in the compared path, comparisons fail (in enable/disable parameters)
  • FIXED external paths may get versioning even though they should not
  • FIXED when Joomla is in debug mode, should test uncompressed MooTools libraries
  • FIXED do not add migrate if jQuery is not added on the page
  • FIXED before end body scripts could be duplicated if used in plugin AND module instances
  • FIXED if caption is not disabled, do not disable MooTools in Joomla < 3.2
  • FIXED / is not a special regular expression character, therefore do not escape it in regular expressions
  • REMOVED internal keywords from translations of the report messages (to avoid confusion in translations)
  • REMOVED regular expressions from translation files
  • REMOVED sometimes innacurate report info about scripts loaded by template
  • REMOVED in MooTools removal, mooRainbow is useless
  • MODIFIED now jQuery Mobile is not replaced if unique on the page and option 'replace when unique' is set to 'no'
  • MODIFIED test if on mobile uses the Joomla core API if the SYW class is missing
  • MODIFIED report style
  • MODIFIED default regular expressions to be re-usable in the head section of the HTML documents (removed src="/ … " and href="/ … ")
  • MODIFIED code refactoring
  • MODIFIED code from beforerender moved to beforecompilehead
  • ADDED button to re-open report after being closed
  • ADDED option to show the report as modal or page footer
  • ADDED Bulgarian language - thanks to Plamen Penkov (improved Spanish)
  • ADDED popper.js possible regular expression replacement
  • ADDED missing report messages when no scripts or stylesheets are added
  • ADDED remove MooTools tooltips sitewide
  • ADDED in MooTools removal, modal.js as needing MooTools
  • ADDED config : message to tell functionality will only work if plugin is enabled
  • ADDED support for popper.js v1.15
  • ADDED when removing noconflict declarations, option to untouch variable declarations such as var j = jQuery.noConflict()
  • ADDED if var j = $.noConflict() is set to be ignored, the plugin still fixes it and replaces it with var j = jQuery.noConflict()
  • ADDED option to minimize the script declarations (when head-only modifications)
  • ADDED option to minimize the style declarations (when head-only modifications)
v3.0.4 (01/25/19) Update release
  • ADDED Bootstrap v3.4.x and 4.2.x
v3.0.3 (01/06/19) Bug fix release
  • FIXED info page: missing link targets
  • FIXED languages files containing _QQ_ are no longer considered valid and prevent use
  • FIXED error when no scripts in head data
  • MODIFIED visual jQuery UI theme selection
  • MODIFIED help for jQuery UI themes
  • ADDED info page: get involved message
v3.0.2 (10/24/18) Bug fix release
  • FIXED quickicon crashes the control panel if the library has been corrupted or removed
v3.0.1 (10/09/18) Bug fix release
  • FIXED wrong path to extension in Quickicon
  • FIXED typo Cloudflare
  • FIXED wrong link to JED
  • MODIFIED global configuration: site-wide overrides are now core overrides
  • ADDED company logo
  • ADDED quickstart links in plugin and module
v3.0.0 (10/01/18) Update release - now a component - packaged with extensions library v1.4.10
  • FIXED disable tooltips does not work in Joomla 3.8.8+
  • MODIFIED link to Transifex
  • MODIFIED logos
  • MODIFIED a few labels for better understanding
  • MODIFIED remove captions in one step before reaching the final code source, improving speed
  • MODIFIED processing tooltips before reaching the final code source, improving speed
  • ADDED installation: link to change logs
  • ADDED component information page
  • ADDED show what are the latest versions of jQuery, UI, mobile, migrate, Boostrap and MooTools
  • ADDED disable captions/tooltip in global configuration for site wide removal (faster and more efficient technique)
v2.3.3 (8/31/18) Update release
  • ADDED installer plugin to allow one-click updates for Joomla 3.2.3+
v2.3.2 (7/14/18) Bug fix release
  • FIXED some modules cannot be saved in rare cases
  • MODIFIED jquerynoconflict.js moved under /media
  • MODIFIED local Bootstrap paths: only show the local style/scripts paths according to the file types needed
  • ADDED German language
v2.3.1 (4/15/18) Update release
  • ADDED support for Bootstrap 4.1
v2.3.0 (4/3/18) Update release
  • FIXED installer: error 'trying to get property on non-object' when updating the free plugin
  • FIXED report should not rely on jQuery or Bootstrap and be usable on any screen size, 'cancel' should work
  • MODIFIED noconflict regexp to include .min
  • MODIFIED use of extra large text area fields
  • MODIFIED additional scripts and stylesheets duplicates are removed
  • REMOVED module: unused advanced module parameters
  • ADDED ignore scripts in the Bootstrap section to prevent unnecessary Bootstrap script removal (files of type xxx.bootstrap.min.js)
  • ADDED general option to use versioning on local scripts and stylesheets (for Joomla 3.2+)
  • ADDED Popper.js v1.14 for Bootstrap 4
v2.2.0 (3/5/18) Update release - packaged with extensions library v1.4.2
  • FIXED headers should not be re-ordered if jQuery has not been enabled in the plugin
  • FIXED empty code left after removing tooltip declarations, unless in report mode
  • MODIFIED report message 'limited modifications to the head tag' only shows when modifications have been actually done
  • MODIFIED module: 'fine-tune selection' to 'more assignments' tab name change
  • MODIFIED replaced sometimes broken link with
  • ADDED plugin: site-wide parameters (jQuery/Bootstrap/MooTools)
  • ADDED plugin: site-wide freestyle patterns usable when there is no module instance on a page
  • ADDED migrate subversions for Migrate 3.0
  • ADDED installer : on first install, if jQuery Easy free is enabled, parameters are transferred to the plugin if site-wide or to a module instance if not site-wide
v2.1.1 (2/19/18) Bug fix release
  • FIXED Joomla Bootstrap paths are incorrect
v2.1.0 (2/1/18) Update release
  • FIXED wrong update server address
  • ADDED support for jQuery v3.3
  • ADDED support for Bootstrap v4.0/v4.0 bundle
  • ADDED support for popper.js when Bootstrap 4 is selected (removal of existing library(ies) and addition of new one)
  • ADDED message on install linking to a quickstart tutorial
v2.0.1 (12/14/17) Update release - packaged with extensions library v1.4.0
  • FIXED plugin links to scripts and styles documentation are broken
  • MODIFIED general options are in their own tab
  • MODIFIED general online doc links to the 'profiles configuration' page
  • ADDED infos in the plugin to improve understanding on how the extension functions
  • ADDED connect fields to quickicon
v2.0.0 (10/18/17) Update release
  • ADDED Missing translations
v2.0.0 beta 1 (09/04/17) Beta 1 release - packaged with extensions library v1.3.10
  • FIXED escape or move - in regular expressions to avoid it to be mistakenly taken as the range indicator
  • FIXED some code should only be run when showing reports
  • FIXED quickicon in Russian/Turkish have wrong keys
  • FIXED removed Joomla framework option from Migrate selection if Joomla version is < 3.2
  • MODIFIED module scripts and styles have their own tabs
  • MODIFIED module renamed 'enable' to 'add/fix'
  • MODIFIED module Jcaption script removal can be found under jQuery or MooTools tabs, depending on the Joomla version
  • MODIFIED report will show site-wide if there are scripts and/or style additions from the plugin
  • MODIFIED re-organized options into several tabs
  • MODIFIED strip remaining scripts and stylesheets are independent of the jQuery fixes
  • ADDED plugin scripts and styles tabs for site-wide styles and scripts
  • ADDED plugin remove remaining scripts and styles site-wide (head-only or page-wide)
  • ADDED plugin add scripts and styles site-wide (in the head tag and before the end of the body tag)
  • ADDED plugin protocol, compression, head-only and strip blank lines as global settings
  • ADDED plugin modify the 2 Bootstrap regular expressions
  • ADDED module Migrate, jQuery UI, Mobile, Bootstrap and MooTools version tests
  • ADDED module add/fix Bootstrap - will replace or just add Bootstrap v2.3.2 to 3.3.7
  • ADDED module test that tells which position needs to be used, which CDN has been selected and if the plugin is enabled
  • ADDED module warning if JCH Optimize is enabled and files combined
  • ADDED module links to check what versions are available at the selected CDN
  • ADDED module scripts and script declarations can be added before the end of the body tab
  • ADDED report: message that warns when 2 module instances act on the same page
  • ADDED jQuery, UI, Mobile and Bootstrap images
  • ADDED Dutch translations
  • ADDED Bootstrap and Mootools help links
  • ADDED help throughout the extension
  • ADDED tests that avoid the addition of Migrate if it is unnecessary but is selected
v1.4.4 (05/30/17) Update release
  • FIXED wrong compare function name when MooTools must be kept in specific pages
  • ADDED option to enable the plugin when a specific extension is on the page
v1.4.3 (04/30/17) Bug fix release
  • FIXED error loading the quickicon
v1.4.2 (04/27/17) Bug fix release
  • FIXED language parsing error in Joomla 3.7
v1.4.1 (03/30/17) Update release
  • FIXED errors in Turkish translations reporting
  • FIXED quickicon has wrong field path
  • MODIFIED quickicon call to lib_syw comparison function
  • MODIFIED the quickicon is not enabled by default, updates are now specified through the Joomla console
  • ADDED jQuery versions 3.2 and 3.2 slim
v1.4.0 (01/17/17) Update release
  • MODIFIED logo, branding
  • MODIFIED version comparison, limit to 1 replacement for optimization for Jcaption
  • REMOVED unnecessary custom fields and images
  • ADDED Turkish, Russian (thanks to OpenTranslators members)
  • ADDED external library v1.3.6 as part of the extension
  • ADDED help links to online documentation
  • ADDED Transifex link
  • ADDED Bootstrap section
  • ADDED option to load the Bootstrap library before the jQuery UI library
  • ADDED Bootstrap button and tooltip plugin conflict fix
  • ADDED function name fields for button and tooltip fix
  • ADDED jQuery declaration field
  • ADDED option to remove tooltips
  • ADDED way to modify the tooltip regular expression
  • ADDED option to rename the tooltip declaration function name
v1.3.0 (09/09/16) Update release
  • FIXED missing French translations for regular expressions
  • MODIFIED libraries added by the plugin are linked in the report for fast manual right path check
  • MODIFIED regular expressions to allow ~ in the URL paths
  • ADDED support for jQuery 3.x slim versions
  • ADDED support for jQuery UI v1.12
  • ADDED update server to get update notifications through the Joomla console
  • ADDED support for defer and async in additional scripts (see documentation)
  • ADDED CDN choice (Google, Microsoft ASPNetCDN, jQuery MaxCDN or Cloudflare CDNJS)
v1.2.6 (07/17/16) Update release
  • ADDED support for jQuery v3.1.0
v1.2.5 (06/23/16) Update release
  • FIXED error message in report even when jQuery UI theme is set to 'none'
  • MODIFIED when a subversion is needed, default is 0 if missing
  • ADDED support for jQuery v3.0.0
  • ADDED support for Migrate v3.0.0
v1.2.4 (05/23/16) Update release
  • ADDED Migrate library v1.4.1
  • ADDED warning when language file is missing upon install
v1.2.3 (02/21/16) Update release
  • MODIFIED calls to $_GET replaced with $jinput
  • ADDED Italian and Spanish languages
v1.2.2 (02/04/16) Update release
  • MODIFIED getting the Migrate script from the jQuery CDN
  • MODIFIED jQuery UI theme set to 'none' as default
  • REMOVED version number from language files
  • REMOVED plugin: custom fields, now use the custom fields from module instead
  • UPDATED links to articles from the help tab
  • ADDED links to support and bug reporting
  • ADDED support for Migrate v1.3.0
  • ADDED module, plugins: author, version and translators custom fields
  • ADDED package logo
  • ADDED online documentation link
v1.2.1 (01/14/16) Update release
  • ADDED support for jQuery v1.12 and 2.2
  • ADDED quickicon for update notifications
v1.2.0 (internal) Update release
  • ADDED 'Regular Expressions' tab in plugin and module
  • ADDED way to override most of the regular expressions used in the extension in plugin
  • ADDED link to a debugger of regular expressions in plugin and module
  • ADDED link to the forum in plugin and module where users can post their own regular expressions in order to share them with the community
  • ADDED 3 freestyle spots to create extra regular expressions that can be used for all profiles in plugin
  • ADDED 3 freestyle spots to create extra regular expressions that can be used by a profile in module
v1.1.1 (08/06/15) Bug fix release
  • FIXED JCaption regular expression
  • FIXED JCaption reported removed even if not found when removal of JCaption is enabled
  • FIXED jQuery(window).on('load', function() {}); is not removed in J!3.2+ (addEvent is removed until J!3.1)
  • MODIFIED Caption removal option moved to 'other' section
v1.1.0 (07/12/15) Update release
  • MODIFIED: tab title from 'Enabling' to 'Extra Assignments'
  • REMOVED links to specific articles
  • ADDED $(document).ready(function($) is replaced with jQuery(document).ready(function($) in 'fix document ready' option
  • ADDED reporting per profile (global|no|yes|Super User only). Uses the plugin's reporting per default
  • ADDED parameters in the interface show depending on previous settings in J!3.2.4+
  • ADDED links to sections of the site
v1.0.3 Update release
  • MODIFIED report (supports Bootstrap)
  • MODIFIED installer
  • ADDED option to limit modifications to the <head> area (improves performance and limits the use of server resources)
v1.0.2 Bug fix release
  • FIXED wrong path to local file jquerynoconflict.js
v1.0.1 Update release
  • MODIFIED more libraries/no conflict scripts are correctly removed (ex: 'jqueryui.js' or 'jquerynoconflict.js' are now taken into account)
  • REMOVED jQuery Mobile v1.0.1, v1.4.0
  • ADDED French translation
  • ADDED jQuery UI v1.11
  • ADDED Any library with 'latest' in the path after 'jquery' is correctly removed (ex: 'jquery-latest.js')
  • ADDED jQuery Mobile v1.4.3, v1.4.4, v1.4.5
v1.0.0 Initial public release