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v2.6.3 (4/26/19) Bug fix release - packaged with extensions library v1.4.18
  • FIXED some accessibility attributes are still missing
  • FIXED tag and category index should have hidden default label for accessibility
  • REMOVED messagewrapper, extensionlinkswrapper and sywextensionpresencetestwrapper fields
  • REMOVED info page Google+ link
  • REMOVED tooltips on linked category and other useless places throughout (clear button, print…)
  • REMOVED modal layout: deprecated iframe attributes for html 5
  • MODIFIED remote URI
  • ADDED element-invisible class CSS when in Bootstrap 2 mode
v2.6.2 (4/5/19) Bug fix release - packaged with extensions library v1.4.17
  • FIXED extension info page forces bottom scrollbar
  • FIXED modals lack CSS when on Bootstrap-free templates
  • FIXED directory view accessibility: missing id in category, tag and order select boxes
v2.6.1 (3/13/19) Bug fix release
  • FIXED error with general errors
  • FIXED CSS to prevent lists (ul li) inside each item to inherit from the item's styles (each item being a list item)
  • ADDED Weblinks extension logo
v2.6.0 (3/8/19) Update release - Much improved Bootstrap compatibility
  • FIXED directory view search label has wrong 'for' name
  • FIXED pagination styling to improve out-of-the-box look
  • MODIFIED numerous files for Bootstrap compatibility
  • ADDED directory view search can be triggered by on the keyboard
  • ADDED wlpmodal layout
  • ADDED popup/modal width/height
v2.5.2 (1/31/19) Bug fix release
  • FIXED language files with _QQ_
  • FIXED info external links should open in new window
  • ADDED views search layout
v2.5.1 (11/24/18) Bug fix release
  • FIXED info page: wrong path to company logo
  • FIXED wrong image file on hover when not on high resolution screens
  • FIXED the 2nd image overrides the 1st image if no filter is applied or filters are identical and both images have the same file extension

Please update your template overrides if you encounter those issues.

v2.5.0 (10/29/18) Update release - packaged with the extensions library v1.4.12
  • FIXED quickicon crashes the control panel if the library has been altered or deleted
  • FIXED views if the category parent is missing, there is nothing in the category select box when showing hierarchy
  • MODIFIED extensions links
  • MODIFIED information page
  • MODIFIED escaped tooltips
  • MODIFIED image tag for images with high resolution
  • MODIFIED layouts are placed into folders in order to be visible from the template overrides tab
  • REMOVEDadmin info view json view file for the information page
  • REMOVED module extensionlinkwrapper field
  • REMOVED additional script declaration for high resolution images
  • ADDED module extensionlinkswrapper field
  • ADDED company logo
  • ADDED views load chosen script option
v2.4.3 (09/23/18) Update release
  • MODIFIED logos
  • MODIFIED link to Transifex
  • ADDED module option to remember or not where the animation left off
  • ADDED path to external library in jimport
  • ADDED installation link to change logs
v2.4.2 (08/31/18) Update release
  • ADDED installer plugin to allow one-click updates for Joomla 3.2.3+
v2.4.1 (05/08/18) Bug fix release
  • MODIFIED 'auto clear cached image' is now a system plugin
  • MODIFIED directory view hierarchical selection box layout (update overrides)
  • REMOVED installer: weblinkstest field file after install
v2.4.0 (05/03/18) Update release - packaged with the extensions library v1.4.6
  • MODIFIED CSS overrides/pretext/posttext better editor
  • ADDED Polish translations
  • ADDED info on the auto clear cached image plugin in the advanced tab
  • ADDED option to make the title clickable
  • ADDED directory view category index: select box: unselectable categories for categories that need to be disabled
  • ADDED directory view category index: select box: option to show hierarchy
v2.3.0 (2/18/18) Update release - packaged with the extensions library v1.4.2
  • FIXED extension fields
  • FIXED CSS for RTL support
  • FIXED module error when arrows around items in horizontal configuration
  • FIXED module carousel items not centered on first load
  • FIXED module in some cases, errors won't show if imagetag remains empty
  • FIXED directory view article before/after get the wrong parameters
  • FIXED directory view better flexbox old browser compatibility
  • FIXED directory view dropdowns are centered and cut-off at the bottom when the form has a small height
  • MODIFIED mobile device detect for better mobile support
  • MODIFIED user friendly image filters
  • REMOVED directory view: unnecessary Bootstrap classes for search
  • ADDED link to Quickstart tutorial on install
  • ADDED module quickstart link to list of links
  • ADDED overrides exist info
  • ADDED advanced parameters have global values
  • ADDED shared options show errors/remove whitespace/re-create pictures/unique files/thumbnails cache path/reset header files/inline scripts/load icon font
  • ADDED module possibility to inline scripts
  • ADDED config directory view load icon font
  • ADDED directory view pre-selected category
  • ADDED directory view category order by title
  • ADDED option to use the target selection of the item's link target
  • ADDED option to use the click count selection of the item's click count
  • ADDED default logo setting for items missing the first image
  • ADDED placeholder image that can be used as default logo
v2.2.0 (10/17/17) Update release - packaged with the extensions library v1.3.10
  • FIXED view: when using search field, reset all other index values
  • FIXED index layouts: missing reset values
  • FIXED installer: cached files are not removed on update
  • FIXED wrong hint for 'keep tags' since Joomla 3.7
  • FIXED quickicon: test that the library has not been removed to avoid crash of the console
  • FIXED missing Persian files for frontend
  • MODIFIED overall width behavior: now sets the max width, not the exact width
  • MODIFIED clearThumbnails: testing the glob function
  • MODIFIED installer: testing the glob function
  • MODIFIED CSS to make transition between original and hover images more smooth
  • MODIFIED CSS troughout
  • REMOVED tags layout: tag icon
  • REMOVED tags/categories layout: 'all'. Use the clear button instead
  • REMOVED dash '-' after hits in output
  • REMOVED description processing from template view file
  • UPDATED logo
  • ADDED info: connect with us
  • ADDED view: test if the Weblinks component is missing
  • ADDED view: use tag classes in tags index
  • ADDED categories selection include/exclude
  • ADDED categories console ordering
  • ADDED category levels (more than just the first level)
  • ADDED tags selection include/exclude
  • ADDED tags selection include children option
  • ADDED Include/exclude Ids
  • ADDED links tab
  • ADDED 'logo tooltip' parameter show/hide
  • ADDED caption and hits CSS classes parameters
  • ADDED display the weblink title alongside the description (choice of html header)
  • ADDED item/logo background colors
  • ADDED separator parameter to separate hits from description
  • ADDED text font size (affects all text except footnotes)
  • ADDED choice of html tags to wrap the description into
  • ADDED 'exact width' parameter to allow items to resize or not
  • ADDED 'information' menu
  • ADDED Dutch language (thanks to OpenTranslators)
  • ADDED Portuguese (Brazil) and Slovenian missing translations for views
v2.1.2 (05/28/17) Update release
  • FIXED quickicon needs to be the component's icon
  • FIXED installer layout overrides test for Joomla 3.2+ only
  • FIXED installer info view version number moved to translated string
  • MODIFIED info view links to Weblinks component + access to plugins
  • MODIFIED module triggering code for pre and post text
  • ADDED help button to online help
  • ADDED German and Persian languages (thanks to OpenTranslators)
v2.1.1 (01/25/17) Bug fix release. Packaged with SYW Extensions Library v1.3.6
  • FIXED when looking for all items with associated tags, if none of the items have been associated, the module or the directory view should not return any item
  • FIXED directory view class 'no record' properly set when no item
  • FIXED directory view when no item, remove empty pagination block
  • REMOVED restriction to weblink only tags in tag selection
  • REMOVED title attribute from image, it only is available to the hover image
  • ADDED online help links
v2.1.0 (11/23/16) Update release. Packaged with SYW Extensions Library v1.3.5
  • FIXED module refresh on Safari when using animations
  • MODIFIED module cleaned stylesheet to remove empty properties due to parameter conditions
  • MODIFIED limited tags to tags related to Weblinks
  • MODIFIED moved extension under the new caching system
  • MODIFIED separated images coming from module instances and from views
  • MODIFIED moved layout from advanced tab to layout tab
  • MODIFIED thumbnail file names (no more prefix 'weblinklogo')
  • MODIFIED directory view search string can handle multiple words (space separated)
  • ADDED installer added library version number on install or update
  • ADDED option to cache images in the /cache folder
v2.0.2 (10/13/16) Bug fix release.
  • FIXED directory view error in model
  • MODIFIED installer quickicon plugin enabled on install only
v2.0.1 (10/07/16) Bug fix and update release.
  • FIXED directory view missing caching of items in model
  • MODIFIED temporary folder default is /images not /tmp
  • MODIFIED installer included auto install of the external library and removal of outdated update site
  • ADDED links to JED
  • ADDED directory view missing external library test
  • ADDED Turkish translations (thanks to Kaya Zeren from OpenTranslators)
  • ADDED Russian translations (thanks to DarkGreg from OpenTranslators)
  • ADDED SYW Extensions Library v1.3.4 into the package installation
v2.0.0 (08/31/16) Initial release.
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