Trombinoscope Contacts Pro

Trombinoscope Contacts Pro (previously known as Trombinoscope Extended) extends the Joomla! Contacts core component by adding views (directory listings, single contact pages with enhanced forms), plugins (front editing, extra fields, ...) and the already available and free module Trombinoscope Contacts.

Present contacts in your projects and show business collaborator charts, school or sports team listings, testimonials, restaurant or pet listings... in a very professional way. 


Please make sure you read the following explanations before accessing the download links you can find at the bottom of this page.


Joomla 3.1+ Joomla 3.7 ready

Version 2.7


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  • Extend contact information with fields

  • Customize layouts with themes

  • Import contacts from CSV or TXT files

  • Improve usability on touch screens

  • Edit contact info in user profile

  • Improve contact forms

  • filter contacts by categories, tags, keywords to create grid-like pages of contacts,
  • choose from a large selection of sort orders,
  • discover more ways to present single contacts (columns or tab layouts),
  • use modifiable themes to represent each contact,
  • show contact information with labels or icons and specify which information is accessible (some fields can be shown as icons only),
  • link contacts to views, external links, specific menu item,
  • create menu items to add pagination, alphabetic, category and tags index, inline search and print,
  • override layouts created for tags, icons and index,
  • use the module free to try! to show specific contacts, logged user or related contacts/content (through keywords or tags),
  • extend the standard contact information with new fields (social media, map links, gender, birth date, company, department...),
  • modify the standard form output (labels, extra identity field and multiple subject fields, auto-response),
  • allow registered users to modify their contact information from the public site on their user profile,
  • crop, filter and add effects to the contact pictures,
  • create high resolution thumbnails for crisp display on high pixel ratio screens (like Retina displays),
  • show contact pictures in smart search results,
  • import contacts from CSV or TXT files,
  • improve page loading times by removing white spaces from the HTML output, caching contact pictures, styles and scripts generated by the component.

Features extended through Joomla! 3.7 custom fields

  • Additional contact information that can be shown on the cards or the contact views
  • Individual backgrounds to contact pictures
  • Additional fields to contact forms
  • Searchable data in Trombinoscope view
  • Fields editable in the frontend alongside the user profile
  • Extended contact import

Additional features

  • adaptability to screen sizes (paysage-style cards can turn into portrait-mode under a certain size),
  • email obfuscation (to hide them from spambots),
  • internationalization,
  • name format,
  • address format with linking to Google Maps,
  • improved vcards that target personal or business profiles,
  • mobile-ready (touched phone numbers trigger direct calls),
  • carousel capabilities for module instances,
  • 100% CSS-based layouts,
  • SEO-ready code,
  • support for IE8+.


Please check the online documentation.

Example 1

Theme 4 example

Example 2

Picture background example


Check the demo site for some live examples.

How does the pro version compare to the free version?

Check the comparison chart.

Try free

Try the module Trombinoscope Contacts for free and get an idea of what the extension can do for you!


Marianna Brown
Marianna Brown
Website Designer
I use Trombinoscope Contacts Pro extensively. It creates beautiful contact pages, where you can add profile photo, contact form, map, and descriptions. Or display a list of contacts with their details. Support is fast, helpful and friendly. It's an extension that every site will benefit from.

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The following version is not supported under Joomla! v3.5 and over.
For support under Joomla! v3.5 and over, please download the latest version of Trombinoscope Contacts Pro.
Check the documentation for information on how to migrate your outdated version. That migration has to be tested before going 'live'.
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