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Topic-icon Display message if no news available

11 months 3 weeks ago #4493 by m.advisor@web.de
I am using Joomla 3.5. On my website I start with HOME and I display a message like:
"Hier die letzten Informatione" (meaning: Here the latest news).
I do not want to display this message or, instaed of a the missing news the date and instead of the news the information "none" or "no news".

Do you have any idea how to manage this.
Thanks and best regards,

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11 months 3 weeks ago #4494 by syw
Hello Hans,

did you try using the 'no data message' parameter from the 'layout' tab in the module?
The message only shows if there are no news.

If you need to show a message when there are news, you could either make a template override, or, if you are only using German (I assume you are using German), you can just use CSS and add the following snippet:
#lnee_[YOUR MODULE ID]::before {
    content: "Hier die letzten Informatione";

This will add the message 'Hier die letzten Informatione' before the items ONLY if there are any items. If there are none, the 'no data message' parameter will take over.

If you need to add a date, you definitely have to create a template override and add your own code into it.


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