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I have found tedious and frustrating at times to create a website from scratch in a CMS environment. Finding the right modules (or extensions) is not small task. But finding the template that will be closest to my design can require a lot of research. Even then, after hours browsing the web and thinking I have found THE right template, it becomes clear I will have to spend hours tweaking it. Getting rid of the art work, the extra code… all of that takes time.


I have been moving a lot of web sites from custom codes ones to my CMS of choice: Joomla!®. Every time I have been through the same process.


The idea came to me: why not create a pool of web site template wireframes that I could start up with for any of my future sites (sort of clean slate I can jump-start with)? These templates would be as simple, flexible and easily modifiable as possible. They would have features that modern browsers allow for. They would be portable in the mobile world and be "pretty" from the start go, conforming to the user interface requirements of our modern world.


Jumpstart your website development with the following high-quality and easily modifiable templates:


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