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Order by position

1 year 6 days ago #4564 by seconddream
seconddream created the topic: Order by position
Is there a way to order by position?

I use it for a footballclub, and fo example is need to order like this:

Coach U13-1
Coach U13-2
Coach U13-3
Coach U13-4
Coach U13-5
Coach U14-1
Coach U14-2
Coach U14-3



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1 year 5 days ago #4566 by syw
syw replied the topic: Order by position
Hello Peter,

there is no order by position in the component at this time.

Order depends mostly on how contacts are organized in the core Joomla! contact component. You may have a way to use 'Coach U...' as categories and then order by category. Or use tags to dissociate contacts and use a tag index. At last resort you can order contacts manually in the Joomla administrator console.


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