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Topic-icon Contact Greenface tutorial

5 months 2 weeks ago #4655 by saudiusa
Hello Sir,

Do you have a tutorial on creating this demo?

If not, can you please guide me to what I need to do to have a similar contact page.

Thank you

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5 months 2 weeks ago #4656 by syw

there is no tutorial yet for this page.
However, to elaborate such a page, you need to create a menu item of type 'single contact (tab layout)' from the component.
Once selected, add 'contact details' to space 0, 'map' to space 1, 'form' to space 2 and 'misc. info' to space 3. Min card is 530px.
The theme used is 'original'. Then it is just a matter of giving the desired colors to all elements of the contact card in the 'theming' tab.

For information about all other fields and their signification, please refer to the online documentation at www.simplifyyourweb.com/documentation/tr...global-configuration .

The contact views get the global configuration values unless values are specifically changed in the contact view (menu item).

Hope this helps!


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