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file layout configuration of Menu item

2 years 1 month ago #5181 by timchan7676
layout configuration of Menu item was created by timchan7676
hi, after I created a new Menu item (using Trombinoscope grid),  two messages (pls refer to the attained picture) appeared in the top of the "layout" setup page. Would you tell me what is it? how to solve it? Also, after I change the card width value, there is no effect in the web page. Is it due to the two messages?
Is there any other possible reasons can cause that card width problems ?
Thank you very much ^^

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2 years 1 month ago #5182 by syw
Replied by syw on topic layout configuration of Menu item

the messages are just informational messages: they remind you if you have created overrides of the layouts or the menu items. Overrides are files duplicates of the original extension's layouts, modified by you or the webmaster of your site.

Having no overrides means that :
- you don't have to worry about issues that could arise
- you don't have to upgrade the overrides
after an update of the extension.

This also has no effect on the card width.
If you don't see any difference after a parameter change, this is most likely a cache issue.
It could be that :
- your site is cached (Joomla configuration),
- you need to refresh your page or empty your browser's cache,
- you have set 'reset headers' to 'no', in which case stylesheets are not updated after a change.


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