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file tabs-state.js

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3 years 5 months ago #3637 by gledger@glcdelivers.com
gledger@glcdelivers.com created the topic: tabs-state.js
Hi, Hope you can help.

Jquery Easy comes free with Joomla 3.2. I have it operating.

My jquery.min.js is being loaded from the media/jui/js folder.

When I look at the source code for my site, a file called tabs-state.js is being loaded before jquery. It must be loaded by joomla core...at any rate, it needs to have jquery loaded in order to work. Generally it is not a problem, but now I need an rss feed for my site and that seems to require tabs-state.js to work.

So how can I use Jquery Easy to load tabs-state.js after jquery?
3 years 5 months ago #3638 by admin
admin replied the topic: tabs-state.js
you can use the advanced features 'strip remaining scripts' to remove the file and add it again with 'add scripts'. That will remove the script from where it is located and it will add it again after everything else.