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file Keep height on animations

3 years 1 month ago #4970 by fedster21
Keep height on animations was created by fedster21
Hi ,

I have module that slides thru 5 recent articles, depending on the image heigh when it slides the total size of the box changes on every article, creating content below to also move. Is there a way to tell the boxes to be all of the same heigh of the talles box so it doesn't happen? I have the total height and width set, but still I have that ugly effect.

This is an example: this is using and old version of the component. I'm working on a new version of the site using the latest version, locally at the moment, and still have the same problem.

Also how could I do if I want one of the modules to be fluid and grow width depending on the width of the screen. The width is being fixed by style.

Thanks for you help.

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3 years 1 month ago #4971 by syw
Replied by syw on topic Keep height on animations

the jQuery script 'adapts' to the height of the visible item.
What you can do is force a min height on the slider by adding the following CSS:
.caroufredsel_wrapper { min-height: 340px }

This will also keep the pagination at the same spot.

As far as your last question, it already is the case, isn't it?


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