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file onscroll loading pagination system (or something similar)

2 years 8 months ago #5037 by Takties
Am I right to assume this functionality isn't there? I need some way to be able to load a lot more articles on a page after the initial page load is done. The current pagination system seems to load every article in advance which essentially craches my server and seems inefficiënt anyway. So I now reduced everything to just a couple of pages with just 10 articles each.
But now visitors can only look back a month worth of newsitems and that's not enough, people complain. I have a search function which does go all the way back but that's a less convenient way for some people.

I have to say that I didn't know very much about making a newswebsite (or any website for that matter, and it shows I guess). When I started making this in Joomla and found the free version of LNE, that's where it all began. It turned out okay'ish but I ran into the problem that server-load went through the roof. Recently bought the PRO version to see If I can get some support etc. I barely have any programming skills apart from HTML/CSS so I'm kind off limited in my abilities.

I made these with the help of LNE:

Any suggestions on howto improve performance are welcome, GTmetrix scores are quite decent though I think, It's mainly the pagination system or the way I want to display lot's more articles at any given moment that creates problems.

Thanks Olivier for the awesome component - Stefan Koopmans

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2 years 8 months ago #5038 by syw
Hello Stefan,

you can get a standard Joomla pagination system when you use the blog views (menu items created with the extension). Modules are not meant to show a very high volume of information.

There are numerous ways to improve the use of the extension:

- do not set the extension to look for images in the content but rather use the image fields when creating articles,
- make sure all reset pictures and headers are set to 'no' once you got your final tweaks ready,
- do not use pagination in modules when wanting to show a large number of articles (all items are present even when not visible). Use blog menu items instead where pagination is optimized and following the Joomla standards. You can even use infinite scrolling which adds to the page a set number of articles 'on demand',
- use extensions like JCHOptimize when many instances are on the page and you want to limit the number of http calls.

More tweaks at

Thanks Stefan for putting your faith in Latest News Enhanced Pro!


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