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Sesame Pay for Access component elements

Sesame pay-for-access

The Sesame Pay for Access component is composed of:

Global configuration parameters for general configuration of the extension
A menu item (All Licenses view) to list all available licenses
A menu item (Membership view) to display users and the licenses assigned to them
A menu item (Pay License view) to display a form to pay for a license
A menu item (User Licenses view) to display all licenses assigned to a single user
A module (Price Tables) to create price tables from available licenses
A content plugin (Pay to read more) to restrict access to part of an article
An editor-xtd plugin (Pay to read more) that adds a button to editors to work in conjunction with the content plugin
A locked resource plugin (Contact) to restrict access to contacts
A locked resource plugin (Content) to restrict access to articles
A locked resource plugin (Menu item) to restrict access to menu items
A payment gateway plugin (PayPalPay) to offer payments through PayPal
Joomla 3.9+ A privacy plugin to process privacy related requests
A quick icon plugin that shows updates in the Control Panel and a link to the component's page
A system plugin the engine of the extension
A system plugin (User Links) to add a button to the User list view that links users to their licenses
A component page offering site-wide and component-specific information
Views (resources, licenses, user licenses, ...) related to configuration and information saved throughout the life of the extension