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Advanced options

Bare 960 Responsive
Backward compatibility
An optional CSS file containing classes removed from Bootstrap 5 that existed in Bootstrap 2.

For instance, if articles are using the label classes, they will properly show even though those classes have been removed from Bootstrap 5
Load FontAwesome
Adds the FontAwesome stylesheet at every page access
Reset Header Files
Leave set to yes while troubleshooting your template. Once finished, set to no to avoid the re-creation of the stylesheets and scripts at every page access. Files are stored in the /cache folder of your Joomla implementation. Deleting those files will trigger their re-creation

Bare 960 Responsive

Pro version J! 3.6-3.10 1.3
Free version J! 4 2.0

The online documentation is under construction. In the meantime, please refer to the printed documentation available for version 1.2.