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Take control over all the main regular expressions used by jQuery Easy Profiles. Improve them, share your findings with the community (in the forum) and/or create your own in order to remove additional elements off the site.

Leave the fields blank to force the extension to use the default regular expressions.

Tooltips Regular Expression Example

The regular expression used in the extension is:


Creating your own regular expressions

Pattern The regular expression that is used to find some specific code in the source of the page/head
Replacement The string that will replace the found code (leave blank for just removing the code found)
Limit The number of times the expression must be used.
Set to -1 to look for the code an unlimited amount of times (until the end of the page/head is reached)

v4+ Free style patterns are applied after all changes have been made but BEFORE the addition of the scripts at the body's end.

Note You may try your regular expressions with the tool found at or RegEx 101.