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Global configuration: integration

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Show feed link Show or hide an RSS Feed Link. (A Feed Link will show up as a feed icon in the address bar of most modern browsers). The feed itself is visible by appending ?format=feed&type=rss to the URL of your blog view
Include fields Include the custom fields or K2 extra fields into each feed item. Only the fields selected in the view will be added to the feed
  • No
  • As HTML the fields will be formatted inside a <dl> element and included before the feed item text
  • As syntax the fields will be formatted into a syntaxique format (before the feed text), reusable by plugins on the receiving end {fields alias=[alias] name=[name]}values{/field}

Custom fields of type 'Textarea' or 'Editor' may contain HTML elements. If this is the case, most HTML flow content elements are allowed (flow content minus script and sectioning content). All other HTML elements are removed from the content of those fields.

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