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Show errors Will show the errors encountered while creating the module (mostly during thumbnail creation), if any
Remove whitespaces Experimental
Removes white spaces from the HTML output for faster page loading. Please report any issue
Load icon font
In rare cases (when no icons are shown), will prevent the loading of the icon font library, reducing page loading times 


Reset pictures whether to re-create the image thumbnails every time the page is loaded or not.
'No' will improve server performance once the module is properly configured and ready for prime time
Thumbnails cache path The path for the thumbnails created (by default, in the media folder under /thumbnails/tc).
It is possible to save the files to the temporary folder of the Joomla configuration or the /cache folder
Header files
Reset headers Re-creates the cached stylesheets and scripts after style/animation modifications have be made to the module.
'No' will improve server performance once the module is properly configured and ready for prime time.
Note Stylesheets and scripts are cached in the /cache folder. Deleting the cached files from the administrator console (System -> Clear Cache) prevents resetting the Reset Headers parameter to 'yes' when changes are made


Sort locale The locale used to sort the names when using the order by ‘name format’.
Allows correct sorting of names with accents
Warning The PHP Intl extension is required to sort contacts by 'name format' when there are special characters


Pre text Text or HTML code to display before the module items
Post text Text or HTML code to display after the module items
Trigger events Prepares the content by triggering potential content plugins included in the pre and post text (code included in {...} like the loadmodule plugin)
Warning Do not use when the module is already included into a plugin
Trombinoscope Contacts v2.7.0
Trombinoscope Contacts Pro v2.7.0