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Picture Decide to show the contact picture or not
Default picture The picture to show when the individual contact picture is missing
Picture alignment The picture alignment, related to the text
  • Left of card will show the picture to the left of the text (landscape mode)
  • Right of card will show the picture to the right of the text (landscape mode)
  • Top of card will show the card in portrait mode (with picture at the top, information details at the bottom)
Picture width The width all contact pictures will have (in pixels)
Picture height The height all contact pictures will have (in pixels)
Background color The color of the picture’s background and the borders
Border width The border around the picture (in pixels)
Border radius The radius for the corners of the picture
Shadow [CSS3] Add a shadow to the picture
Rotation [CSS3] A CSS3 transition to apply to the picture. The picture can be rotated slightly to the left or the right.
  • 5, 10 or 15 degrees left
  • 5, 10 or 15 degrees right
Process pictures Will resize/crop/filter the original picture in order to fit the specified width and height. 
Otherwise will show the original picture without any processing. Prefered if the contact pictures are of the desired size already before use
High resolution Create a high resolution thumbnail that will be twice the width and height of the processed picture to be visible on high pixel ratio screens (like Retina displays).
Only applies to pictures that are processed
Filter A filter to apply to the processed pictures.
  • Sepia
  • Grayscale
  • Sketch
  • Negate
  • Emboss
  • Edge detect
Picture quality The image compression (0 to 100) for jpg and png files.
0 has worse quality but smallest file size, 100 has best quality but bigger file size. Usually, a quality of 60 gets the best trade-off between picture quality and file size. 

Warning the PHP GD extension php_gd2 is required for the creation of image thumbnails. Make sure this extension is available on your service provider's server. The module will detect this automatically.

Trombinoscope Contacts v2.7.0
Trombinoscope Contacts Pro v2.7.0