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This plugin is meant to replace the standard contacts smart search (finder) plugin that is packaged with the Joomla platform.

Instead of linking the contacts to the Joomla standard contact pages, it links them to the pages created with Trombinoscope Contacts Pro (by default, it uses the global configuration).

Warning The plugin ‘Smart Search - Contacts’ needs to be disabled to avoid duplicated results.

Note The indexing is not limited to the standard contact fields. Some additional fields are included (company, department and summary).

Note Ordering the smart search plugins (in the administrator console) has an influence on the search output.

Note A Trombinoscope view is needed in order to show the contacts who appear in the search results and who do not have a specific associated view (set a default view in the ‘shared options’ tab of the global configuration).

Note Re-index the content in the smart search component whenever options in the plugins are modified or it has been enabled/disabled.

Trombinoscope Contacts v2.8
Trombinoscope Contacts Pro v2.8