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Bare 960 Responsive
Show Whether to show the copyright sentence or not
Free form
Whether to create your own version of the copyright or use the default one
The free form content (html inline tags allowed).
You can use the following syntax:
  • {year} the year set in the year field
  • {currentyear} the current year
  • {for} the name set in the for field
Year Shows the copyright’s year. Entering nothing will show the current year for the copyright sentence created by default
For The name of the entity the copyright has been approved to
Powered by
Show Whether to show the 'powered by' sentence or not
Text The text to show (for instance Powered by, Managed by)
Company name The entity that manages/maintains the website
URL The link to that entity

Pro version J! 3.6-3.10 1.3

The online documentation is under construction. Please refer to the printed documentation available for version 1.2 in the meantime.