Theme The overall look of a contact row
Original theme Original
The default look.

Theme overrides

Tweak the themes with a few additional options.

Style Social Links Add the official color to social icons (e.g. blue for Facebook...), overriding the icon color
Background image Card background image (has precedence over the background color overrides)
Background color Card background color (overrides the theme’s background color)
Leave blank to keep the theme’s original color
Background color 2 2nd background color to create gradients.
Leave blank to keep the theme’s original color
Font size reference The font size the whole card is based on (in pixels)
Font color The overall text color
Leave blank to keep the theme’s original color
Icon font size The icon font size (in em). Relative to the font size reference
Icon font color Choose the icon color to use
Headers column width The column width for the headers when the headers show in a single column (when the table transforms into a mobile view)

The header column
Additional CSS An easy way to include additional styles

Example .te_trombinoscope .col_name { background-color: red; }

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