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Category Layout

Article Details

Blog / Featured view

You may experience a hit in performance while setting up the extension in a blog or featured view. This is just temporary and will only last until the extension is switched to 'live' mode (in the Advanced tab).

Disable Does not change lists outputs when set to yes
Element The extra item that will show besides the detailed information
None Only information details will show
Linked contact Profiles
Linked Contact
Use the picture of the contact associated with the author
Gravatar Profiles
Use the author's avatar, if his/her email address is associated with a Gravatar account
User custom field Profiles Joomla 3.7+
User custom field of type media
Article custom field Profiles Joomla 3.7+
Article custom field of type media
icon Profiles Joomla 3.7+
Article custom field of type SYW Icon (see the Icon section)
calendar Calendar
Creates a calendar from the specified date
calendar Profiles Joomla 3.7+
Article custom field of type calendar
Width The element width
The element height (not taken into account when using calendars)
The position of the element relative to the title
Side by side Side by side
The element and the title are side by side
Above the title Before
Places the element above the title
Below the title After
Places the element below the title
Vertical align
The vertical alignement of the element relative to the information
Top Top
Elements are aligned at the top
Center Center
Elements are vertically centered
Bottom Bottom
Elements are aligned from the bottom
  • Left left-align the detailed information
  • Center center the detailed information (no additional element will show)
  • Right right-align the detailed information

Blog / Featured view (mobile)

Center intro image
Force the centering of the intro image on the page, overriding parameters set for the article, when in mobile mode