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These parameters take care of the specificities of the information blocs.

Font size The font size in comparison to the font size of reference
Font The font for the blocs of information
Separator The symbol/text that separates each bloc of information.
Blank space allowed. 2 consecutives spaces are considered one space
Icons color The color of the icons when shown. The icons are selected from an icon font

Selected information specifics

Show The way the date will be presented
  • Date
  • Days ago / Yesterday / Today
  • Days / Hours / Minutes ago
  • Days Hours Minutes ago
Date format The date format following the syntax explained at
Time format The time format following the syntax explained at
Style The way the vote system will show
  • Text
  • Stars
Star color The color for the stars
  • Rating as text
  • Rating as stars
Pro Tags
Order The tags order
  • None
  • Console Follows the way the tags are ordered in the administration console
  • Alphabetical
Hide tags Tags that should not show in the list of tags
Distinct Show the tags as distinct entities, allowing for more complex skinning. Otherwise, the tags will show as a comma separated list
Show icon When distincts, show an icon before each tag
Icon Which icon to show. If there is no selection, it will use the default icon
Prepend text Text to show before each distinct tag
Use tag classes Skin the distinct tags with classes that are set for each tag in the core Tags component (does not apply to K2)
Classes Optional CSS classes to apply to all tags
  • Distinct tags distinct tags using each tag associated CSS classes
  • Tags tag list with override of the separator
Pro Links
Show icon Show an icon before each link
Icon Which icon to show. If there is no selection, it will use the default icon
Prepend text Text to show before each link
Protocol Show or hide the http:// or https://
  • Links
Pro Sharing - the share links to show when using the information type 'Share icons' 
Color Give the share icons their official color
  • None
  • Background
  • Color
Radius The radius when there is a background (allowing the icons to have a rounded look)
Classes Optional CSS classes to apply to each square icon

Example btn btn-small will give a Bootstrap button aspect to the icons

Include (6 items) Select which share service to show. The order in which the selections are made will determine the order on the site
  • None
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Stumbleupon
Use deprecated Use the old way to select share services (the following parameters). This is available for backward compatibility with older versions. The following parameters will be removed in the next major release of the module. Therefore, select the share services in the new 'include' parameters instead, allowing ordering of the icons
Email Select to show an email icon
Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon Select to show the targeted social media
Warning Share links are not available if the item link is unauthorized
  • Share icons with rounded background background with radius of 10px
  • Share icons with extra classes extra classes btn btn-small
  • Share icons with color color

Additional information on specific types


It is possible to change the output text by overriding the constant key MOD_LATESTNEWSENHANCEDEXTENDED_HITS with language overrides.
It defaults, in English, to %s hit(s) where %s is the hit count for the item.


You can also modify the rating outputs by overriding the keys:
MOD_LATESTNEWSENHANCEDEXTENDED_RATING (which defaults to %s/5 where %s is the actual rating),
MOD_LATESTNEWSENHANCEDEXTENDED_FROMUSERS (which defaults to from %s user(s) where %s is the number of users who rated the item).



Override the key MOD_LATESTNEWSENHANCEDEXTENDED_TAGSSEPARATOR to change the symbol used to separate the tags when showing as comma-separated list.



K2 comments, JComments

The English default is %s comments where %s is the number of comments associated with the item.

Note Comments cannot be linked if the item link is unauthorized (unaccessible without login)