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Global configuration: layout

Trombinoscope Contacts

These options only apply to the contact views.

Choose a layout The default layout type for the contact pages.
3 layouts are available (2 columns, slides and tabs).

It is possible to override them through template overrides
Introduction Space available as introduction to the remaining layout. It has the same element selection found in spaces 0 .. 6 
Space 0 .. 6 The spaces available for contact page building blocks.
Choose from:
  • Contact details
  • Picture only (bypasses the option 'show picture')
  • Miscellaneous information
  • Form
  • Map
  • Articles (up to 10 links)
  • Joomla 3.7+ Custom fields (supported types: editor, Joomla 3.7-3.10 repeatable and Joomla 4 subform)

The custom fields of repeatable type or subform type are represented as a table (each column is a field). You can use CSS or template overrides for a modified look or different representation of the data.

Note modules can be loaded through plugins such as the load modules content plugin in miscellaneous information and in custom fields of type editor

Label 0 .. 6
The label used for the selected space. Most useful when using the tab layout or when printing. Defaults to the translated selected element.
Note For multi-language websites, use a unique uppercased name (for instance SPACE_SPACE0_LABEL and use language overrides to translate it)
Column width When the layout contains columns, the width (in percentages) taken by the first column
Removed in v3.0
Min card width
The minimum width in pixels where the card stops shrinking in its container.
If the picture is on the side of the text (landscape mode), it will turn into portrait mode (text under the picture).
Perfect for responsive environments.
Note The card takes 100% of its container width

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