Category filter
  • Include includes the selected categories
  • Exclude excludes the selected categories, therefore including all the other ones
Categories Select the weblink categories (single or multiple selection)
Subcategories Automatically selects the next level or all levels of a category
  • No do not include children of the selected categories
  • Level include X levels of the selected categories
  • All levels include all subcategories of the selected categories
Maximum level depth The depth level (starting at 1) when selecting 'level' in subcategories
Category order The order of the categories
  • Console by administration console order
  • Title by category name/title order
Tags filter
  • Include includes the selected tags
  • Exclude excludes the selected tags
Tags Select which tags the weblinks must have
Include children Include the children of the selected tags
Tags match type The way the tags must match the element tags
  • All the element tags must match all tags
  • Any the element tags must match at least one of the tags
Exclude IDs Exclude weblinks from the list of selected ones (comma separated)

Example 20,34,47

Include IDs Include only these weblinks (comma separated)
Ordering The order in which the items are presented
  • Title by the weblink title (alphabetical)
  • Console by administration console order
  • Hits by number of hits or popularity
  • Random randomly
Direction The direction of the order.
  • Ascending
  • Descending

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