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Truly Responsive Slides

Parameters related to the transitions between slides.

Effect The kind of animation to apply to the slides.
Slide left or right Slide left/right Slides the image from the left or from the right
Slide up or down Slide up/down Slides the image from to top or from the bottom
Fade Fade Fades the image in
Zoom in Zoom in Fades the image in, scaled down to regular size
Zoom out Zoom out Fades the image in, scaled bigger than regular size
Removed in v2.0
The way the slides disappear when sliding.
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
Auto start Starts the animation automatically or waits for user interaction
Pause over Pauses the animations on mouse over (when available)
Loop Returns to the first slide after all slides have been run through
Speed The time spent by the transformation (ms)
Interval The time between 2 transformations (ms)