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Feature  Trombinoscope Contacts Trombinoscope Contacts Pro
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contact grid module X X
contact trombinoscope (grid) view No Yes
contact view (column layout) No Yes
contact view (tab layout) No Yes
edit contact in profile view No Yes
links to contact form Joomla contact component view Joomla contact component view or contact view (column or tab layouts)
categories links  Joomla contact component category view Joomla contact component category view or contact trombinoscope view
tag links Joomla tag component view Joomla tag component view or contact grid view
themes X X
secured email addresses (cloaking technique) X X
pagination / index No Yes
in trombinoscope view
carousel X in module
vcard downloads standard Joomla (business) personal or business with added fields
additional contact fields No Yes
Joomla 3.7+
extend with custom fields
No Yes
print content No Yes
in all views
search content No Yes
in grid view
CSV import contacts tool No Yes
show maps in contact view No Yes
forms in contact view No additional fields, subject as select box, auto-response...
stylized contact views No Yes
use of layouts Yes, not overridable Yes, overridable
cache stylesheets X X
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updates X X
report issues X X
forum support read-only
no post
unless you own a valid basic membership
email support No
unless you own a valid basic membership
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Trombinoscope Contacts v2.7.0
Trombinoscope Contacts Pro v2.7.0