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Global configuration: edit

Weblink Logos
Pro 2.8

These options are relevant to the edition of a weblink.

Weblink edition is available to any user who is the creator of the weblink (and has the permission edit.own).

Notify admins Send an email or a private message to all administrators who can receive system emails. They will be informed of the weblink edition after the user saves it.
Note Administrators need to be able to receive system emails (user account setting).

You can override the messages by changing the language keys:
Show category If hidden, the following category will be the default on creation
Default category The default category all new weblinks will be members of
Show status If hidden, the following status will be the default on creation
Default status The default published state all new weblinks will have
Show access If hidden, the following access visibility will be the default on creation
Default access The default visibility all new weblinks will have
Show target If hidden, the following target value will be the default on creation
Default target The default target all new weblinks will have
Show click count If hidden, the following click count setting will be the default on creation
Default click count The default click count setting all new weblinks will have
Allow Captcha on web link Select the captcha plugin that will be used in the web link edition form. You may need to enter required information for your captcha plugin in the Plugin Manager.
If 'Use Default' is selected, make sure a captcha plugin is selected in the Global Configuration
Upload directory The directory under which all weblink images will be stored (in the media manager)

Example uploads will store images into images/uploads

Directory per user Whether to create sub-directories in the upload directory for each user editing and/or creating weblinks

Example a user with username jdoe will have his images stored into images/uploads/jdoe