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Trombinoscope Contacts

Vcards are files of a standard format type (VCF = Virtual Contact File) that represent an electronic version of contacts. They can be used in emails (Microsoft Outlook uses this format) and can be saved on phones. When a user downloads a vcard through the extension, for instance, it triggers the opening of a new contact form in Microsoft Outlook (if Outlook is installed) or a new contact form ready to be saved on a mobile device.

There are 2 types of vcards:

  • for personal information,
  • for business information.

The Joomla core Contacts component saves vcard information as business information (the free Trombinoscope Contacts module uses the core Contacts component vcard generation). The extension, in its pro configuration, has the ability to go either way.

The following information is transferred from the contact to its vcard representation:

  • name,
  • Pro picture (as shown in the core Contact component form),
  • Pro company (when using the included plugin Add key contact fields or a custom field representing the company),
  • Pro department (when using the included plugin Add key contact fields or a custom field representing the department),
  • position,
  • phone,
  • fax,
  • mobile,
  • email,
  • web page,
  • address (Pro improved formatting),
  • Pro birth date (when using the included plugin Add key contact fields or a custom field representing the birth date),
  • modification date.

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