New v4.5

Style The overall look of a news item
Original Original
The default look
Original (Modern) Original (Modern)
An updated version of the original theme, using CSS Flexbox
Full width Pro Full width
The 'head' element has full item width
Full width overlap Pro Overlap
The text shows over the 'head' element, which requires the 'head' element of the item to be an image
 Pro v4+ Download more styles
 Pro v3.1 Download more styles
CSS effect 1 Pro CSS Effect 1 Boxed
Separate download
CSS 3 animated layout.
Learn how to set it up.
Original image Pro Original image
Separate download
The image is not resized.
Head width and height must be set to 0.
Not compatible with animations.
CSS overrides Simple CSS tweaks that can be added and applied to the module. The code is minified automatically to be as small as possible.
Styles must be prefixed with #lnee_[your module id] in order to affect the module instance only.
Prefix styles with .lnee to affect all instances on the page.
Check the user stylesheets section for more information

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