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Content plugin: Slide Tooltips

Truly Responsive Slides

Enable the content plugin Slide Tooltips if you wish to enable tooltips inside slides of article origin.

Categories The article categories in which to add the tooltip extra fields. Usually, just select the categories that contain articles that will be slides
Subcategories Whether to include subcategories to the list of categories
Removed v2.2
The number of tooltips to show per slide (up to 5)
Starting in v2.2 the tooltips are unlimited

Tooltip fields show in the before v2.2 Images and Links tab (or the starting in v2.2 Tooltips tab) once the article has been saved with the proper category selection. It is because the plugin does not know which category articles are in until they are included into one.

starting in v2.2 Tooltip fields are created 'on-demand' through the subform field. The field used to select an article will not work properly in the subform until the article is saved (this is a bug in Joomla 3 and is still present in Joomla 4).