Pro v4+

Print Shows a print button to print the current view
Search Show or hide a search field on the page (the search will look through titles, text intro, category names and authors).
Joomla 3.7+ Custom fields of types text, text area and editor are included in the search, if you are showing any.
K2 in the K2 blog, extra fields are not included (this is a database limitation).
Note The search field does not allow complex searches at this time. It does, however, allow multiple words, separated with a blank space
Article before An article to show as introduction to the list of items
Article after An article to show as conclusion to the list of items
Trigger events Prepares the content by triggering potential content plugins included in the before and after articles' text (code included in {...} like the loadmodule plugin)

Note The print menu item uses the lnepicons.php layout and can be overridden (more layout information in the Layout overrides section).